I received a call from an junkie. She was… perturbed? Unsettled? by their new look. She felt it was a better setup and was enjoying the new organization, but it was kind of like coming home and finding her living room rearranged.

Yes, her living room. The site is that much a part of her life.

I’m waiting for someone to classify onlysimchas addiction as a pathology in the Jewish community. There are always those people—you know at least one—who simply can’t get enough of the site. They spend hours at a time scrolling and clicking, living vicariously through all the happy smiling faces getting engaged, married, moving to Israel, having children, etc. Name someone who recently became engaged and they go, “Oh yeah, last Thursday. Cute couple,” even though they’d never heard of the person before he or she popped up on the website. (Talk about everyone getting their 15 minutes of fame!)

Is it a coincidence that these people are almost invariably single? They’re living vicariously through others, like old men watching little boys play. Or little boys watching a minor league sports game, to get the direction right. The smiling faces on onlysimchas are enjoying the parts of life these singles haven’t yet reached, despite their best efforts. Reading the names and looking at the faces of those who have obtained the happiness they believe lies just beyond engagement (yeah right) is as close as they can currently get. Browsing through the site is a self-flagellation of sorts, doubtless providing a masochistic pleasure.

Me, I just stay away.


4 thoughts on “ Junkie

  1. Absolutely. You and a few other people I know – I wouldn’t create a pathology just for you. 😛

    Do you know: the onlysimchas new look was the hottest topic of discussion at the wedding last night. People – get a life!

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