The influence

Onlysimchas is fodder for many a post. It is a phenomenon in the Jewish community, creating many new problems for people to grapple with.

For example, there’s the No That’s Not Me issue that people with semi-common names have to deal with. A friend of mine recently spent a week fielding calls from happy friends and acquaintances, whom she had to inform that ‘no, she was not engaged. That was a different Shoshana Fried from Lakewood.’

Then there’s the I’ve Been Posted Wrong problem, where the first friend you call to tell that you’re engaged goes and posts you on onlysimchas, invariably spelling your chosson’s name wrong. Onlysimchas has also created a new sort of stress upon friends. After all, how will it look if your friend gets engaged and you haven’t posted a “MAZAL TOV!!!!!! Ohmigosh I’m sooo happy all the best & may u build a bayis neeman biyisroel!!! :-)”? Even if you’ve done all the shrieking in appropriately loud decibels over the phone to her—nobody else knows that.

And then there are people who just don’t want their name on the net, for privacy reasons. Maybe they don’t feel like sharing the simcha (gasp), or maybe they don’t want their name to be googlable alongside “Boruch Hashem! My crazy roommate has found someone who can handle her! May you have only brocha and hatzlocha.”

And don’t forget all the relatives and onlysimchas-junkie friends who will be insulted to find out that you’re engaged via onlysimchas instead of by personal phone call; never mind that you were posted within minutes of engagement and didn’t have time to call your own parents yet.
Ah, onlysimchas. What was life like before you?


6 thoughts on “The influence

  1. It’s funny, my sister got engaged but they didn’t get put up on for a variety of reasons, so I’m still running into people (over 6 weeks later!) who still don’t know she’s engaged!

  2. Someone posted my simcha for me .5 seconds after it happened. I am not kidding when I say I literally did not get to call even ONE person after that that did not already know my news. When I called me best friends to tell them the news, instead of being happy for me, they gave me hell that they had to find out via onlysimchas instead of by my call. I’ll never get that back, and it annoys me to this day [yes i hold a grudge!]

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