Mrs., Miss, and Ms.

Have you taken a good look at the seating cards at weddings recently?

All the married women are written as “Mrs. Jane Stag” while all the single girls are “Ms. Jane Doe”.

Now, according to my knowledge, the two statuses are “Mrs.” and “Miss”. The first means married the second means single.

The title “Ms.” was invented to mask the marriage status of the woman. Purpose being: free women from being identified with their marriage status.

So using “Ms.” means hiding the marriage status of the bearer.

Clearly, nobody wants to hide the fact that they’re a “Mrs.” That’s a source of pride. But being single? Oy vey! Better hide it behind a “Ms.”! Maybe nobody will realize that, nebach, you’re still single.


6 thoughts on “Mrs., Miss, and Ms.

  1. I don’t think that, in this circumstance, the title “Ms.” is meant to hide a person’s marriage status, as all the single females are called that. I think that some people prefer Ms. to Miss because it implies a greater age/maturity level (at least that’s how I look at it…Miss makes me feel like I’m supposed to be 15).

  2. Hm. Could be – Ms. may seem more mature. But to my orderly mind, if you call some Ms., you gotta call ’em all Ms. I could be being pedantic, though. 😀

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