The Black Blot Upon Humanity

It was an out of town wedding. Multi-colored gowns and dresses rustled around the room. “Mazal tov!” “How are you?” “Im yirtzah Hashem…”

Suddenly, a black stain spread across the room. The New York City group had arrived.

Honestly, isn’t it a bit ridiculous? The first thing I’ll have to warn irreligious guests about my wedding is that they shouldn’t think they’ve walked into a funeral.

Shobbos table discussion last week:

Father: Can any of my daughters please explain to me why tri-state area Jewish girls  wear black all the time?

Turns out he went shopping with my mother at some mall or another. Every Jewish female present was wearing black on black over black. (OK, probably an exaggeration. The shell underneath is usually white.)

Me: They’ve got to look “put together” for shidduch reasons, and you can’t go wrong with black.

General disagreement, because black does not automatically make one presentable.

Sister #1: No, it’s because it’s not tznius to wear bright colors so that leaves black.

General snorting ensues, during which we discover that no, Bais Yaakovs have not yet outlawed color. Besides, this was in Cedarhurst.

Sister #3: Everyone wears black. It’s one color that’s always acceptable. You just can’t go wrong.

Personally, I have quite a bit of black in my wardrobe, but purely for convenience. It’s easier to match stuff up when one of the items is black. Also, I think I look better in dark colors.

Does everyone else have the same reasons?

General question to the audience: Do you wear black? If so, why?

10 thoughts on “The Black Blot Upon Humanity

  1. the whole black thing started for one reason only (in my opinion) cuz it slenderizing!! we all know how important it is to be skiny in our world- the skinnier the better!

  2. lovin’ the blog-i’m a guy and even i can tell that black on black is about as ugly and unstylish as britney spears. in israel the frummy girls would wear it and i would have flashbacks to charlie chaplin movies- just boring black and white! it could be that its like a throwback to what yeshiva guys are wearing-black and white. what bothers me about these things is you could have a pimp who happens to wear black and white, and then you can have a really solid guy who wears different clothes but is judged just on his (or hers) appearance!

  3. Hey I am from NY and I dont have a single black top. I love color and most of my sweaters are pink, light blue,brown, beige and all beautiful colors in between..I love being colorful. I think it gives me personality. I guess I’m lucky that I don’t have to worry about slenderizing but still, dont you need some variety?

  4. I almost never wear all black, just a couple of my wedding outfits are black-on-black (and even then, I often mix and match so that I can wear some color). On a weekday I would only consider wearing a black skirt and a black top if I have nothing else to wear that is clean.

    I don’t wear colors that are overly loud (no fire-engine reds for me), but that’s purely a matter of my own personal comfort level; I don’t like being so conspicuous.

  5. Well I havent seen bekesha’s in any color but black.
    Oh you mean women!
    Well the black is OK, but the white is uh, interesting. I’d like to ask any other men if they’ve noticed that white is usually see thru, is there a reason that s want me to know more about what’s underneath?
    Are they flirting?
    Are they totally unaware?
    Do they just not give a hoot either way?

    I find that womens clothing lately seem to reflect a ‘check me out’ style.
    Tops that look painted on, and or a bit short so that when they twist or bend…

  6. I like black cuz I think it looks good on me. But I hardly ever wear all black. Most of my friends don’t wear all black either. But that’s cuz I don’t live in Shidduch-ville.

  7. Just want to wish you a kesiva vchasima tovah! Hope you have an easy ride and find your better half very soon. Hope we can all shut down our shidduchim blog or at least change it to married life…

  8. Most of my tops are colored, but I wear mostly black/gray skirts because I hate shopping – this way a couple of skirts match everything, and I don’t need to worry about having the matching top/bottom of an outfit clean at the same time… yeah, basically it’s laziness. Put on any sweater with the classic black skirt and I’m good to go. (next question: what’s up with the sweaters?! Why do I feel out of place if I don’t want to suffocate?)

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