A Very Expensive Way to Collect Shidduch Points

Discussion overheard in psychology class.

Professor: “An iPod is a quasi-need. You get it because everyone has it so you want it, and after you have it you don’t think about it anymore. College is a social need because it’s a means of achievement. When you’re in college, your successes and failures create positive and negative emotions.”

Student: “But that’s only if you’re in college because you want a career. Lots of girls are in college just because for shidduchim the mothers want to know ‘what’s she doing’ and ‘getting a degree’ is a very satisfying answer.”

Professor: (gaping speechless)

Student: “What? I’m not joking.”

Professor: “I know.”

But that doesn’t make it any less funny. Or sad. Or pathetic. But lets call it funny, because if we don’t laugh we’ll cry.



11 thoughts on “A Very Expensive Way to Collect Shidduch Points

  1. In this case, as opposed to others, its a good thing that girls go to college.

    On the other hand, it allows frummies to avoid working and lay the burden of livehood on the women.

    Still, education is a good thing.

  2. I’m trying to post a comment on your next post but WordPress won’t let me.

    Anyway, I’ll write it here:

    I disagree. I hold the door open not just for women but also for men. Its a sign of respect and civility.

  3. Oh, that’ll explain why many of the Shidduchville-type girls goof off so much in class.

    I never heard this one before, though. I thought it’s the reason people teach. (except me. Teaching is the worst thing I could do for shidduchim because it fills up all potential dating hours.) College is a pretty expensive answer to “what does she do.”

  4. (hit submit too soon)

    Also, I disagree about the ipod. Most people don’t get it and then forget about it — they get it and spend the next n years of their life with strings hanging from their heads, ruining the incredible ears G-d gave them.

  5. I never heard of such a thing. Maybe in NY where most of the girls go to Mickey Mouse colleges for silly degrees. I went to college to get an education. It had absolutely nothing to do with trying to impress someone for dating (or his mother).

  6. OMG tell me about it! I’m already married with a kid and people are still telling me to get a BA in education because it would sound good under my name.

    Forget about the idea that if I were in college id be there for Forensics or Pharmaceudicals, because if its not therapy, than its not appropriate for a Jewish girl…and IM NOT EVEN ON THE MARKET!!!

    I’m doing this for my KIDS shidduchim …and my kid is all of 9 MONTHS OLD

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