Six months (six! That’s half a year!) and 150 posts may be a drop early for a retrospective, but Halfshared’s post about the purpose of her blog set me thinking.

The scene was the living room, the day was Shobbos afternoon, the action was me, pausing for a breath in middle of a whinge against the shidduch system.

“You know, I can just keep going forever,” I say, preparing to launch into part 3-b.

Please don’t!” beseeches my long-suffering younger sister, weakly holding up a hand to ward me off.

I did stop, but not because I had mercy on her. (After all, she’s only my sister…) I was thinking, “Gosh, I wonder if I could go on forever!”

I’d been thinking about blogging because it seemed everyone was blogging, but I couldn’t think of anything to blog about. I figured it had to be something I both knew about and that wasn’t blogged about in a hundred other places. And it had to be something I could write about almost perpetually. Was shidduchim the topic? I popped off to WordPress to see.

150 posts later, I’m still not out of ideas. But BadforShidduchim has done something else for me as well. Like Halfshared, blogging my angst keeps me from venting in real life. My family hasn’t had to listen to a single complaint since. And when something does strike me as lunacy, I try to find the funny angle so I can turn it into a good post. Though it takes up more time than I’d like to admit, BadforShidduchim has been great for my sanity.

So why not share the joy? If you’re reading, you must have stories that, viewed from the right perspective, are full of humorous pathos. Or frustration and irony. If you have something, submit it via comment form labelled “Share the Joy Submission” or something like that, and I’ll paste it up with proper credit.


11 thoughts on “Retrospective

  1. oh, gosh. I actually have an awesome story, the kind you could laugh to tears about, but i’m planning on posting it myself, as soon as i can figure out the proper wording…

  2. I don’t have a post, but a question – why is straight hair mandatory in Shidduchville? Most Jewish girls (at least the ones in my chevra) have naturally curly or wavy hair. Is curly hair considered halachically problematic, or just incredibly hideous? Does everybody continue straightening their hair after marriage, so that their husbands should always believe that they have beautiful stick-straight locks, or do they rely on their straight sheitels?

  3. Oh, do I have stories…but they’re too wacky to be anonymous, in the unlikely event that someone I know comes across this blog. I’ll just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. you are such an incredible writer that, as sad as this is, i cant imagine you were given a bais yakov education.

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