Yes, That Probably Would Be Bad for Shidduchim

Setting: Literature class.

Subject: Don Quixote.

Situation: Professor attempting to explain why the title character’s niece would object to him running about the countryside tilting at windmills – particularly when she’s engaged to an up-and-coming young doctor. Suddenly there’s a shriek of understanding from the from middle of the room.

“It’s bad for shidduchim!” the shrieker giggles. Eyes light up in comprehension. Heads nod in understanding. Professor smiles. Class moves on.

Just another evening in Touro College.

Happy Turkey Day to all!marry me turkey

13 thoughts on “Yes, That Probably Would Be Bad for Shidduchim

  1. Hey, that was me (the first comment, not the pic… which I didn’t see the first time around–Look, he even has a black hat! Maybe you want this one, since Snicket is out.)

  2. Sorry Bas Melech, feather is in the front on the hat–they’re both married. Besides, they are wearing white socks with those shoes–definitely chasidish. Now the Turkey just might be worth a shot– a hatter even if it isn’t black, with a little bit of a different outlook judging by the clothes. Nope, on second thought, he’s just that bit over acceptable weight. And definitely not–he’s wearing red nail polish. Might do better to wait for the St. Patrick’s day parade. The leprechauns may be really short but they each come with a pot of gold.

  3. ProfK– 😀 Good call. (but whatcha got against chaseedish?!) (and you should know better than to go after leprechaun gold, especially after HP exposed them…)

  4. “Please tell Abba to act and dress normal, he’s coming in half an hour! Are you a BT dad and have heard this from your daughters in ”the Sheedookh parsha”? Having a spaced-out seaweed eatin’ BT dad is defintely a bummer for Sheedookhim. I just don’t do baalebootish

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  7. Oops. Where did those come from?
    I’m going to leave the one about socks, though. It’s so preciously random.

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