Off Topic: It’s Out

Remember that literary magazine for literary Jewish works? Writer’s Cafe cover You can buy it at the Kollel Supermarket (39th and 13th in Borough Park), the Zion Supermarket (13th and 38th in Borough Park), Ahava Newstand (opposite Essex on Coney Island Avenue), Moisha’s Supermarket, and the larger newstands by the Avenue M and Avenue J Q stations. Eventually it will sell in both Eichler’s’ as well.

If you live near Glatt Mart – the supermarket has refused to sell them, so why not accost a manager in the aisles and ask for a copy to create a sense of demand?

I’ve skimmed it, and it’s stuff you’re not going to find elsewhere. Kosher, but different than anything you’ve seen before. Though some of the stories were strange, I found them compelling reads. It took a minute to figure out why: they were well written. Some of the pieces have a slightly rough feel to them, but at the same time, are good reading. Some are funny, some are serious. Yes – one is a serial. Where is yours?

If you read it through and don’t find the genre you write – fret not. The fact that he couldn’t get your type of stuff for the first issue doesn’t mean he doesn’t want it running. So go ahead, submit.






15 thoughts on “Off Topic: It’s Out

  1. The magazine arrived yesterday at Eichlers, and yes it is definitely worth a reading. And for those “Touro-ites” among us, there are two members of the Touro community in this edition, one student and one instructor.

  2. I’m quite certain it is – just not sure where. I’ll find out for you, though. Check back here tomorrow.

  3. First of all, I haven’t. Second of all, I don’t have a copy, I gave it to my grandmother. Third of all, don’t be too cheap – give a fella some parnassa.

  4. Later this week it should be available in: “Bagel Nosh on Clifton between 3rd & 4th, and in Super Stop Grocery on River Ave (Rte 9) opp Glatt Gourmet & Gingerbread House. It’s also now available in Teaneck, Fairlawn & Passaic.”

  5. picked one up today because you reccommended it- I liked it a lot! This is what we were missing! Good pieces of literature that dont neccessarily fit the mold but are still kosher.

    I read it in the car after picking it up and finished it before I got home!

  6. 😀

    Glad to hear! I’ll pass your message along to the editor – encouraging words are always appreciated at this juncture in a venture.

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