Bad4Shidduchim Goes to Hollywood… and Comes Back

Many aspire to screenwriting; few make it. And there are even fewer people who make it by not making it.

If you write a script that interests a Hollywood movie-house, they “option” it for a period of time, which means they buy the rights to produce a movie based (often loosely) on your script within a given period of time. Movie-houses option a plethora of scripts and produce far fewer, so often the option expires and the writer is back holding a script.

And therein lies the fun. Because a script, once produced as a movie, is “used up;” it has generated all the income it can. But a script with an expired option can be re-optioned, even multiple times, and bring in a steady income. Indeed, there is a lucky elite who spend most of their time prone on Caribbean beaches soaking in radiation-laced vitamin D while their handful of screenplays get optioned and re-optioned.

It takes blockbuster writing skills and many good connections to achieve that sort of lifestyle, so the royal We never dreamed of realizing it. So when Ingenious Productions optioned a non-existing screenplay of the royal Ours, we didn’t immediately call our real estate agent and ask about available waterfront property on St. Martin.

For all you amateur time-wasters who have been poking about reading blogs, Ingenious will open new vistas for you. Most of the videos, ranging in length from a few minutes to nearly half an hour and in topic from promotional fundraisers to action flicks (deep breath; have to work on this sentence), can be found in the website gallery, but others require a search through Google videos.

The steady hand behind the camera recently decided to enter into a long-term partnership of mutual benefit with NEF#6. Since some people can never do things in the ordinary way (*yawn* how boring), they thought it might be nice to have video CDs instead of place cards at their wedding. Which is where the royal I entered the picture. Being somewhat more grounded/realistic/cynical (call it what you will), I didn’t invest too much time on the project, but enough that it seems a pity to relegate it to the archives of once-optioned scripts. Oh, and the fact that I’ve run out of “galley” copy to post, and don’t have time to write weekend posts. So hang in there.

And a brief message from our not-quite-sponsor: contact Moshe Bree for all your videography needs (preferably interesting ones) – he has a bride to finance, poor fellow.

5 thoughts on “Bad4Shidduchim Goes to Hollywood… and Comes Back

  1. Oh well, and here I started reading thinking that the post was going to be another ingenious shidduch tie-in… say, the options would be those at the top of the top bochur’s List, the scripts would be your profile, and in the ideal world about which bloggers and letters to editors keep buzzing, in which they get paid even for non-successful matches, the shadchanim would be the ones making as much by recycling expired options as they would by producing them.


  2. I’m so sorry – 😛 I was trying to think of one, but didn’t have the time. Which is the idea – it’s an “excuse” post meant to keep you happily busy while I write bio-lab reports.

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