Another One Down


A whopping MAZAL TOV to our very own Dreamer (whose blog is now locked) who tied the knot with her zivug last night. She was a beautiful and happy bride, albeit a rather hot and tiring one by the time I showed up – Corner Point, you really ought to keep later hours. Bas Melech and Scraps – it was nice waving to you as we passed in the doorway. Bad for Shidduchim club points to Bas Melech who showed up in a ponytail, and Bad4, who only remembered that she forgot to apply makeup once she was on Ocean Parkway. Wishing Dreamer all the best and may her marriage be everything she’s ever dreamed of, and may all her dreams come true, and the same for all single dreamers everywhere. Amen.

7 thoughts on “Another One Down

  1. Mazal Tov!! I hope Dreamer told all at the chupah that she did things that were bad for shidduchim and still got married- hah.

    May she have all the bracha and mazal that she ever hoped for, and more. May hashem bring all of the bracha and mazal to all of us, and let us hear and share in only more simchas!

  2. Since when is putting makeup on on Ocean Parkway B4S? (unless you mean the way home? No, you looked great by the time you got there)

    Anyway, it’s only fair to add that I just put up my hair for the second dance, when things really heated up…

  3. I didn’t put any on. I don’t carry makeup around with me. So I didn’t wear any – and I went to two weddings that night, so I should get double points.

  4. In that case, maybe we can give you negative existential points for naturally good skin. Don’t yell at me, Scraps started it with her naturally good eyes ka’h.

  5. I don’t have any of the above – you just weren’t in Wandering Shadchan mode so you didn’t notice how bland I looked. 😉
    Besides, you can’t give me negative points – I don’t let, and I’m president of the club. [/pout]

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