Another Two Gone

NEFs #6 and #7 both became NMFs (newly married friends) last night; wishing them both brocha and hatzlacha and lots of shalom bayis and happiness forever after – AMEN!

NMF #6 definitely wins the prize for most antisocial wedding gown; if God wasn’t personally supervising the dancing, there would have been at least half-a-dozen broken necks because of that slipping and slippery train.

I would also like to take the opportunity to make fun of NMF #7 for thinking that just because her parents are BTs and she wants to go to medical school that nobody yeshivish would want to marry someone as wonderful as her. I imagine her best bochur from Lakewood will join me in genuine astonishment at the very idea.

A very happy and slightly muddled NMF #6 says that our lives are guided by Hashem and He’s working everything out, you just have to notice it, and when things happen, it’s all perfect guidance so basically, don’t worry, be happy, have faith, everything is good even if it doesn’t look like it – and things will be fine even if they’re not. (I think that’s what she meant.) And always notice when the pieces fall together, because that’s a gift from God. (That I’m fairly sure she meant.)

May all readers merit to see the pieces fall together for them soon and often and in many ways.

16 thoughts on “Another Two Gone

  1. That’s funny; I often see my life as one of the last single guys in my circle this way.

    Most everybody else found the central matching piece to their puzzle, the one that clarifies the main picture of the puzzle, and then went on to put in the rest of the pieces that fill out the picture.

    Meanwhile I’ve been busy putting together those outlying portions of the puzzle but still have a gaping whole in the middle which prevents me from seeing the finished product.

  2. amen.
    And, is just me, or does, “G-d has His master plan,” get old on you a bit? I certainly know it’s true, I just hate hearing it.

  3. Though people that I hang out with don’t talk like that, I have been thinking about this issue as well, as more and more of my friends get paired up. I do not think that we can understand G-d’s plan, but I do not doubt that theere is one. That is something that comes from a rational place, so it doesn’t always help when I am feeling blue or otherwise really down.

  4. It would bother me if it came from some old dame moralizing at me. Not from an “alte maidel” bride who is just relating her personal experience.

  5. G, your comment perfectly describes how I feel! No matter how many other ‘things’ I have in my life, there is one thing thats missing which makes everything else seem incomplete…

  6. And I agree with her- I’ve seen it play out in our lives in so many ways- think about it, buys- would you want your zivug to come to you in any way but the best? Trust Him, darlings! He knows what He’s doing. Obviously He’s making it come to you in the best way and in the best time possible. HE LOVES YOU, people! 🙂 (Me getting emotional… 🙂 )

    And amen!

  7. Don’t make too much fun of me- my husband still doesn’t understand Organic Chemistry (for that matter, neither do I!)
    Thanks for the brachos- and I hope to keep commenting, even though I’m out of shidduchim. 🙂

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