Me 101 Follow-up

‘Pologies about that post. When I first wrote it about a month ago it was two paragraphs long, and was subsequently redrafted down to its current shriveled size and post-dated so I could think about it… sometime in the future. The future snuck up on me and bang – it posted itself. There was no point in taking it down because it doesn’t come off RSS feed.

But anyway, honestly, I don’t get what all the surprised responses were about (mostly via email. I guess nosy people don’t want to be so publicly nosy.) Was it that

1. Bad4 learned something about herself, cool, let’s find out what it was


2. Someone thinks dating is a self-revealing experience? Let’s find out why

I imagine I was really stating the obvious there. You have certain perceptions of yourself, what’s important to you, and what you want in life. And then you go on a date and discover that some things might matter more than you though, or that something you thought you liked actually gets on your nerves, etc. And then you begin to wonder who you really are and what you really want.

5 thoughts on “Me 101 Follow-up

  1. Dating is definitely a revealing experience. sometimes even it’s not the date and meeting itself, but rathger even just thinking about whether or not I want a certan boy.

    Just seeing certain people and thinking about them in terms of husband/father qualities makes me put thing into perspective.

    I actually am very grateful for this. Definitely a lot more self-knowledge.

  2. it’s also what happens when you’re married, i guess. you learn what you can tolerate, what irritates you, what you need to balance you out, what makes you happy, what frustrates you..
    the only difference is that in a marriage.. you’re stuck once you come to these realizations 🙂

  3. Bad$, welcome to life. People that are honest with themselves find things like this out on a daily basis. I am in my mid-40s and still doing it….

  4. I think when you date you start to look at yourself through the boy’s eyes. It can be a very revealing experience.

  5. I definitely agree that dating allows you to gain insights about yourself, but only if you’re willing to open your eyes and look for the truth. I know a few people who have been dating for a long time because they have these misconceptions about themselves and the type of person that they are convinced they need. They keep on going through the same motions with different people only because they themselves are not sure who they really are and are not using the dating experience as a guide to help figure it out.

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