Quote of the Week: Applied Pressure

This logic courtesy of my inimitable little sister:

“Bad4, I’m so curious about who you’re going to marry! Can you get married already?”

Talk about pressure! I’m pretty curious myself, actually. (I suspect most people are.)

15 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: Applied Pressure

  1. Omg!! I get this ALL the time… and it’s funny because that’s the answer I always give as well.

  2. Bad4,
    My 3 nieces (6-8 yrs old) constantly ask me who I am marrying, when I am getting married, etc. They want to wear fancy dresses and get their hair done.

    My grandmother says this to me ALL THE TIME!!!!

  3. SaraK – my sister says that too. Like “My friend wore this gorgeous gown to her brother’s wedding… can you get married already, Bad4?”

  4. Oh, and my mother keeps telling me she is going to get a new shaitel when I get engaged. She’s been saying that for at least 5 years. I’m like, “Just get it already and maybe then I’ll get engaged!”

  5. My grandmother was telling me that my cousin insisted she wear a certain color gown to her wedding.

    “Grandma, I don’t care what you wear as long you’re there,” I said.

    “Well, then, you better speed it up.” Yup. Grandmama.

  6. My nieces started growing their hair a few years ago so they could wear up-do’s to my wedding. I rolled my eyes at that…

    …but I wasn’t sure what to think when they started cutting it again this year. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  7. or my little brother: “Anon why are you all dressed up?”
    me: “I’m going out on a date”
    him: “what, again?”
    And then at the dinner table (like every night) “what are we doing in the summer?”
    “well…maybe we’ll have a wedding…”

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  9. Sara K- thats what my mother says too!! I tell her that she shouldve gotten it three years ago when she first said it!! She would be looking for a new new one already!!

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