Poll: Glasses Make You Ugly?

In Shidduchville, upon returning from seminary, girls tuck their glasses away and sally forth only in contact lenses. They believe this enhances their beauty, eliminates any brainy appearance, and makes them so much more desirable. I once scandalized a Shidduchville girl by showing her my brother’s wedding photo – my sister-in-law was married in glasses.

Question for the masses: Are girls in glasses so terrible?

31 thoughts on “Poll: Glasses Make You Ugly?

  1. she was married in glasses but did she DATE in glasses……
    glasses makes a girl(woman) look sophisticated so maybe guys want girls to be bimbos?

  2. Well speaking from those who straighten their hair- I wish that I didn’t have to!
    It seems that unless you have really curly hair that looks good that way, you must blow dry or straighten, at least in Shidduchville.

    And, who says you can’t get married in glasses? Some girls look cuter in glasses than without!

  3. By the time their out of sem, most girls have moved beyond any really geeky glasses they had when they were 10. Girls ‘look smarter’ in glasses, usually cuter, altogether hotter.

  4. It totally depends on the guy. I hate wearing contacts. On the first date I had with my boyfriend, I had to change from my contacts back into my glasses because the contacts were so uncomfortable. When I walked back from the bathroom, my boyfriend looked up, smiled at me, and said, “Nice glasses.” I thought, “this one’s a keeper.”
    I add to this the usual caveat that I do not live in Shidduchville, although I have visited a friend there on one or two occasions.

  5. What a day for this post! Today, I am wearing my glasses instead of contacts. Personally, I hate wearing my glasses because I am much more used to my contacts. I’ve worn those everyday since highschool and when wearing my glasses, I can’t really focus, my eyes tear and I generally feel like I never really woke up. (but I like how I look in them ;-P) But when you’ve worn your 2 month disposable contacts for 3 months or longer, your eyes need a rest ;-P.

  6. Same reaction to this question as to any other: If your date can’t accept you the way you are, s/he is certainly not going to accept you the way you are through 50 years of marriage (give or take), so ditch the dude/dame and find someone else. That doesn’t mean one has to accept *everything* about a (potential) spouse–everyone gripes about *something*–but anyone who’s going to be turned off by something that trivial doesn’t deserve you, and you deserve someone better.

  7. she was married in glasses but did she DATE in glasses……
    Almost certainly.

    😎 😎 (For lack of a geekier emoticon… )

  8. I think it depends on the person. Some people look good in glasses, others may not look good, though it could be that they don’t have glasses that are the correct size and shape that would compliment their face… I personally look decent in glasses, but I think I look much better in contacts. So when I’m going about my day to day life I usually wear glasses, and I wear contacts when I dress up.

  9. I think it’s okay to wear glasses if that’s what you do anyway. Contacts don’t necessarily make somebody look prettier.

    It’s just like the fact that some girls I know actually look prettier with their hair pulled back in a ponytail than with it down, though they’d never dream of wearing it that way. Same with curly hair.

    Really, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Some guys like a “polished” look, and others don’t care. Same with straight/curly and blond/brunette.

    It would make me nervous though to present such a different outward appearance while dating–how would I know that this person is okay with the real me?

    (When my sister was engaged, my (then future) brother-in-law was sooo curious to see what she looked like “without makeup”–when she finally showed him, he said, “oh, you look the same”–but what if there was a huge difference and he would’ve been disappointed?? that would have been very uncool.)

  10. I have a friend who happens to look TERRIBLE without glasses! Her face looks empty, and glasses definitely enhances her appearance. But the again, some people look much better in lenses and wearing glasses detracts from their appearance. Some people look good in both, and wearing them just gives them a different look.

    Wearing glasses, in my opinion doesn’t necessarily make someone less attractive. It depends on 1. the guys taste 2. how the girl looks in them 3. the actual glasses themselves.

    As I’m sure you’re well aware of, some frames are nerdy and geeky while some can give the wearer (for lack of a better name for someone wearing glasses) a sophisticated or hot look (depending on the frames themselves) don’t forget that despite the fact that glasses aren’t generally made to improve looks (they’re used to improve eyesight) some designer frames are absolutely stunning! I once went into fasion optics (13th ave) and found a pair for $1350! He said it was custom designed and blah blah blah! So to some, it may be jewelry on one’s face.

    This is not to say that people should wear glasses on dates (I personally never wore glasses, I simply skipped straight to the lenses stage (but then again, I found out I needed them when I was 15)) But it really depends on the person themself.

  11. It would make me nervous though to present such a different outward appearance while dating–how would I know that this person is okay with the real me?


    Is that to say that at no point whatsoever in dating someone will you ever going to dress down/wear little or no makeup/put your hair in a ponytail (or however it usually is)?

  12. Excuse my intrusion, but guys also have the same question about glasses or contacts. I look better in glasses, but definitely drive worse! The benefit of any good impression made by the glasses is almost cetainly offset by dangerous driving!

    But then after a few hours, my lenses start to dry up, and my strange blinking reflexes kick in…

    Oh, the dilemmas we face in the name of happiness, the Torah, our parents etc….

  13. “Kallahs in glasses…nastiness.”

    I beg your pardon!

    When I was in high school, my sister persuaded me to go to a formal affair without my glasses so that I would look better. Well, I may have *looked* better, but I couldn’t *see* a thing, and promised myself that I’d never subject myself to going blind for the sake of vanity again.

    I was wearing glasses when I met my husband. I wore glasses on every date. I wore glasses for my entire wedding–photos, chuppah (ceremony), and reception. I’ve worn glass every day of our marriage–all 30 years of it, thus far–and my husband hasn’t complained once.

    As I said above, anyone who’s going to be turned off by something that trivial doesn’t deserve you.

  14. I dated and got engaged in glasses. I got contacts a few weeks before my wedding. Although I still wear glasses sometimes, my husband says “it hides my beauty” (aw!). So I usually wear lenses.

  15. “As I said above, anyone who’s going to be turned off by something that trivial doesn’t deserve you.”

    I disagree. There has to be a physical attraction between husband and wife. If he can’t find her attractive in glasses, then it’s not trivial.

  16. the apple–of course not. I wear make up, do my hair, etc. However, if your guy sees you only in stick straight hair or whatever and then let’s say is surprised by a wife with a head of bouncy curls (because honestly, how many women are going to go through the rigorous hair straightening procedure once they cover their hair) and doesn’t find that attractive, that’s not so great.

    (Didn’t anybody besides me read the Little House on the Prairie book where Laura’s friend was panicking because she thought her fake swatch of hair was going to come off and her “beau” would see her hair au natural– How disillusioned was her husband going to be?)

    If you are not going to go through life wearing contacts and glasses give you a look that a guy doesn’t find attractive, than better to find out in advance, imo.

  17. “If you are not going to go through life wearing contacts and glasses give you a look that a guy doesn’t find attractive, than better to find out in advance, imo.”


  18. True Story:

    a (big name in baltimore) shadchan called me and drove me crazy about making sure i was available for a certain guy, etc etc etc. After interrogating me a few different times to “make sure the information she had was correct” she said to me…

    “okay, and this questions is from me, not the boy, he wouldnt even know about this, but when you go out on a date, do you… (and im thinking its gonna be abt makeup or heels or…) wear your glasses?”

    Me: “do i wear glasses?”

    Her: Do you wear glasses on dates.

    me: “yes, i wear glasses on dates…”

    shadchan: “you wear glasses on dates? for style? for comfort? for health? for…? (and she listed a bunch of random “reasons”)”

    me (again!): “i always wear glasses”

    shadchan: “B’SHITA??? or for style, or for….”

    finally i just said “DOES IT MATTER WHY?”

    shadchan: “well, some people do it for religious reasons, or for …. ”

    and i said i have never heard of it being a religious thing. (and i dont want to tell her that i just dont like sticking my finger in my eye, or the extra time in the mornings, or worrying about them popping out or getting dry.)

    SERIOUSLY what has this world come to. At work we were making fun of the whole situation and tried to come up with some reasons why it would be a religious thing…

    -my eyes are so beautiful that i need to cover them up with glasses so the boys dont stare directly at them.
    -the tops of my glasses (don’t really) cover my eyebrows and so im covering my hair…
    -some men dont wear contacts because its considering beautifying themselves, derech nashim (apparently that’s a real thing)
    -wearing contacts is like lying because its suggesting that i have 20/20 vision but really i dont, so wearing contacts is misleading
    -etc etc etc

    but i was on a *first* date once and when the boy took me home he asked me “do you wear contacts?” and i said “no” and he said “let me see what you look like without glasses… ” now THAT was NOT tznius!

    (p.s. i continued to wear glasses on dates, married a glasses wearing guy, and we both got married IN GLASSES. Bottom line: Don’t listen to the ridiculous things that people say. Would you really want to marry the person who thinks glasses make you inferior?)

  19. When I was dating my husband, I always wore lenses, even though I hated them. My husband (then chosson)asked me a few times to wear glasses, but I refused thinking I would look too ugly. Once I didn’t get a chance to change from glasses to contacts before we met. He said he actually preferred the way I looked in glasses, and I haven’t worn contacts for him since (except for the wedding).

  20. Common wisdom in the non-Jewish world was summed up in the quip “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” That being the case, since our frum boys wouldn’t dream of making passes, our frum girls should be wearing glasses, just to make it easier on the guys.

  21. Being a Man and not a boy, I can tell you that I and most of the men I know find glasses can be very sexy and exciting. Depending on the way they dress, and the way they carry themselves, a woman can look either very much a Vixen, or she can be very innocent and sweet.

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