Another One Bites the… Cake?

So I’m IMing Bas Melech and convincing my lab partner to let me take off Friday so I can zip upstate for a weekend in the Catskills when the phone rings. It’s a friend, but she rarely calls unless there’s something important happening. Hey, we can always IM.

“I was going to just send you the link tomorrow, but I’m at a wedding and nothing’s happening,” she explains.

She was so nonchalant I knew it had to be big.

Letsee… link? Well, she is the friend who inspired the junky post. It’s probably the only site she sends me links from. (From which she sends me links, for the pedantic.)

“Link from where?” I ask, equally nonchalant.

“OnlySimchas, of course.”

Of course. Didn’t I tell ya?

“Well let me look it up – what should I search for?” I wasn’t going to say anything until she did. I read down the list of names on the front page until she stops me, saying I was up to names she recognized from reading earlier that day, and obviously it wasn’t posted yet.

It only took around 8 names, so clearly she was still an obsessive reader.

“Ok, I’ll post it,” I say amenably. I do the necessary clicking to post a new simcha.

“Sooo… simcha type?”



“My name.”

“Oh that’s so nice. Additional participant?”

“First name is Future, last name is Husband.”

I fill in all the blanks and then ask her to excuse me a moment. “I’ll be right back.”

I go to the top of the stairs and bellow, like I have learned I should, “NEF #9 is engaged!!!

No answer. Between fans and air conditioners, everyone is in their own world. Oh well. Can’t say I didn’t try.

It’s perfect timing, too. NEF #9 was my Shidduchville correspondent, and she’s considerately waited until I no longer needed her before removing herself from the dating pool. (Honest, I’ve quit for good.)

Congrats NEF #9! May you live happily ever after according to your best dreams.


15 thoughts on “Another One Bites the… Cake?

  1. I’m so confused. What did you quit from? Dating or blogging? Are you engaged…? I hate when people ask me that but you make it sound like it..

  2. Yeah..

    “NEF #9 was my Shidduchville correspondent, and sheโ€™s considerately waited until I no longer needed her before removing herself from the dating pool. (Honest, Iโ€™ve quit for good.)”

    This sounds like it’s announcing two engagements to me… Is it? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Leapin’ lizards! I mean she gave me good fodder for the blog (there’s a Shidduchville series somewhere that I can’t be bothered to link to: do a search) but now that I’ve quit blogging, she’s quit dating. I’m still dating. Or I would be, if I had anyone to date at the moment.

  4. You have to admit that you’re being a bit . . . vague, Bad4. That’s why some people thought you were engaged. So what’s the actual reason for the vagueness?

  5. I didn’t realize I was being vague. :-/

    I quit because I feel like I’m not giving the blog what I used to, and that’s because it just isn’t doing the same thing for me. I’m not engaged, I’m not seriously dating, I’m not entering a convent. I’m just otherwise engaged. I will probably put stuff up if anything ever occurs to me, but I’m not “keeping” the blog in that I’m not actively pursuing stuff to say, mulling it over, writing it up, and posting it regularly.

  6. Do you speak Hebrew? Start watching Srugim ืกืจื•ื’ื™ื on the Yes website. That will give you material. Don’t leave us!

  7. Yeah, Limey- it’s not the one from the Jewish Week.
    I didn’t think she was vague. I thought it was clear that she just doesnt want to blog.

    Shidduchville fodder- don’t you love it how we laugh at what other people stress over?

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