From the Yom Tov Table

Setting: up to the dates in the simanim (no, nothing as bad as you’d think…)

Father: Wow, these dates are really good.

Daughter: (chewing) I haven’t had a good date in a long time.

(All look at daughter and snigger.)

Daughter: Wha-at? Did I say something?

18 thoughts on “From the Yom Tov Table

  1. wow you got off that easy, huh? in my house simanim is “the most wonderful time of the year”, my parents, siblings, random strangers etc. are always coming up with brilliant and novel new ways to assist my getting dates, including propping open the door for me with a DATE, filling my plate to the overflowing with DATES,(which by the way i dont get, the purpose isnt to get a lot of different good dates- just one really great one),and of course after we eat the DATE everyone sits around asking me “nu so how was it?”

  2. My family has been putting dates on the table for simanim ever since I started dating. It gets to be very {{groan}}-worthy.

  3. I had a similar thing happen, my grandma, as she gave simanim said: “Here’s an extra load of dates, so you should have them” lol.

  4. maybe we should use knot rolls as simanim. . .

    and I always thought that the date thing was kinda cute! 😛

  5. We neglected that siman, out of forgetfulness, really. All for the better, I’m sure.
    I had it worse; got rude references to my upcoming 23rd birthday paired with my single status. Aren’t those nice?

  6. At the yom tov table, I took more than one date.

    My hosts said, “Ah, it should be the first one, the first one!”

    I replied, “Thank you for your sentiments, but I’m hedging my bets.”


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