Not Busy – Just Busy!

It’s been a hectic week. I’ve been very busy, particularly because this week culminates in a trip to Baltimore, partially to visit a friend, partially to visit a city, and partially business.

An innocent statement, right? I would think so. Yet I’ve had wide-eyed responses. “You’re ‘busy’?” “A friend?” “What sort of business?”



6 thoughts on “Not Busy – Just Busy!

  1. Friend of mine: I think I’m going to start a rumor that I’m engaged so that won’t be offended that I haven’t had a chance to talk to her all week.

  2. Ha!
    I get that too. Bad4, I thought you’d know better by now never to say you’re “busy,” because you know how these people’s minds work.

    Or, I’d say, “I’ve been busy with school” or whatever, right away, so they don’t even go there.

  3. see, here’s where one needs some imagination. something to do with the CIA would be ok. better yet would be something entirely inappropriate (no. i dont want to give any examples). it usually keeps them quiet/dumbfounded for long enough to make a clean getaway…

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