Litmus Test for Dates

I know it’s been a good date when I can’t answer any of my parents’ questions when I get home.

That means that we weren’t reduced to discussing each other’s siblings, past education, or parents’ jobs.

Conversely, it’s been a bad one when I can spit out the information for a string of five questions before hitting a blank.

A new litmus test for dates, now that my parents have ceased to bother checking into guys.


10 thoughts on “Litmus Test for Dates

  1. Yeah. I remember not being able to remember what we talked about- we just talked. My parents would be like, “So?? What did you say? What did he say?” And I would be all, “Uhm, I don’t remember. Oh wait, I think something about goldfish came up.” haha

  2. Too true.
    Response to the inquisitors after a better first date: “What did we talk about? Everything and nothing all at the same time.”

  3. That’s a good observation — but the truth is when it’s a long enough date, it will come up. It then becomes a matter of how extensively you discussed those things.

    Guys, when Bad4 gets engaged, IYH, whenever that might be, she’ll let us know. No need to yenter.

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