Every Now & Then I Wonder…

Would the sort of person I’d like to marry want to marry me?

This would probably be easier resolved if I knew what sort of person I’d like to marry, but it becomes clearer with every date. Maybe I’ll know when I’m 25 and have dated 30 people.


11 thoughts on “Every Now & Then I Wonder…

  1. I think it’s actually an important question to ask yourself: are you worthy of the incredible traits you want to find in a spouse? The only way to answer it is to do a cheshbon hanefesh, and depending on what you come up with you may want to think about how you can make the answer into “yes.”

    The better side of the dating process is that it can force you to look at yourself and how you treat others, and see what might need to be fixed/worked on/improved.

  2. If you want to highlight in bright neon colors the difference between the older generations and yours b4 then your statement says it all: “Maybe I’ll know when I’m 25 and have dated 30 people.” In the more “permissive” atmosphere years ago people met and dated way more than 30 people in 6 years. The early dating years were about seeing lots and lots of people so that you weren’t depending on “theory” but on practice and experience in deciding what you wanted. And dating was about refining your tastes as you progressed.

  3. ProfK-
    Nowadays frum people don’t believe in getting “experience” from dating lots of people. you’re only “supposed” to go out with someone who technically you COULD marry

  4. JdJ – 😛

    It’s only a year-point-five since I started blogging. I’m quite sorry it seems longer! 😉

  5. It might be nice to try to figure out what the person who you’d like to marry wants in a spouse, and then see if you fit the description…Agreeing with The Apple’s comment.
    And yes, Bad4- it seems like a LOT longer since you started 🙂

  6. Would the sort of person I’d like to marry want to marry me?

    Doesn’t matter – you think that you’re going to end up marrying the type of person that you’d like to marry?

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