Look at This…

Shuttle just directed me to some posts on this blog which made me laugh.

Here’s one (comparing Parshas Chayei Sarah to the shidduch parsha) and here’s another (about the difficulty of finding a wife) and here’s a third (mostly about dating out of yeshiva).

And while we’re at it, LWY has been double-dating… tsk.

Michelle has three posts on shidduchim in a row:

This one about racking up shidduch points

This one about keeping track of past dates (I do, ever since I realized I’d lost count of how many people I’d gone out with.)

And this one about proposals

Happy reading.


14 thoughts on “Look at This…

  1. Patricia- if you’re willing to go out with him again, because you don’t remember the name- maybe there was something over looked the first time that might be worth it?

  2. NMF #7 Ha ha ha!
    No no no not the ones I met!

    If you’re really dating that much you can be out with someone just so not memorable for 3 long hours and then go out with another guy a week later (having gone out with another maybe a few weeks before) you don’t think it’s possible to forget his name?

    I was with a guy on a date and he made some joke about his name and I couldn’t for the life of me remember it. I had other things going on his name was the least of my worries on that one lousy date.

    (Yes, I wrote down his name but got married too soon after to worry about getting redt to him again.)

  3. Thanks for clarifying, Patricia.
    I actually just had a friend who I found a very nice guy for. I called her- and she checked her “list”, and lo and behold, she had gone out with him about 3 years ago, but decided mutually it wasn’t suitable.
    I asked her to think about trying again- and she answered back, “Why not?”. So, I called them both up- and well, the rest is happy history.
    If she hadn’t kept the list- she probably would have still gone out with him again, but it made it all the more poignant as they realized they could have been happy together 3 years before that.

  4. Who says they would have been happy three years before that? Hopefully people change (for the better) over that kind of time span…

  5. Shuttle- True- I don’t know if they would have been as happy, or if they would have been happy at all.
    It obviously was in Hashem’s divine plan that they would need 3 years to grow, become more of themselves, and then be open enough to try again.
    And chanie- I got very lucky (or rather, Hashem gave me the tools, ie knowing the guy and the girl to accomplish something in His Plan.) This doesn’t always happen, trust me. Most times, people have very valid reasons for not going out with someone again, if they already dated them once. Sometimes, it can even complicate things, as they have bad memories from previous dates.

  6. On the “people need time to grow” front- I’m not in a community that does shidduchim, but my current boyfriend and I dated for a bit about 4 years ago, and I at least just wasn’t quite ready for it. We got back together last year, and so far, so good this time around… And no, I don’t think that if we’d just stayed together then, that it would have worked out.

  7. NotBrooklyny- Excuse me, but how do you know? The same way I don’t know if they would or would not have been happy- the same way you can’t know either.
    They mentioned to me themselves on how they might have been happy 3 yrs before- hence my own statement- but truthfully- it’s all in G-d’s hands. And neither you nor I will ever know, at least on this world.

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