No Escape

Here I am, vacationing in Miami, resting up before the marathon, hanging on the beach, building a sandcastle. Two other runners are all the way out (it’s awfully shallow for a long way, ‘round here) looking like they’re having fun. I wave and go join them. I paddle up, tasting sea salt for the first time in… oh gosh, loads of years. We float on our backs, exchanging vital stats: who are you, where are you from, what do you do, how far are you running, have you done this before?

When I finish answering their questions, runner A turns to runner B and says, “I’m thinking David, what do you think?”

Add “150 feet into the Atlantic” to the list of strange places I’ve been asked about shidduchim.
Can’t a girl ever get away from it all?


24 thoughts on “No Escape

  1. no. you cant.
    potential shadchanim lurk in public restrooms in boradway theatres….. in the loehhmans dressing room (which, fyi, is SUPER akward. if youve ever been in one, you know what i meen…. its basicly the equivalent of being caught with your pants around your ankles…)on line in the supermarket…. when your in the park with your neices…..
    not to mention places like shul, or other peoples simchas.
    kinda makes you want to hide under your covers till they all go home….
    and my mother asks me why i do her gorcery shopping after 10pm…

  2. I just started tellig people that I’m taking a break, and that I’m not taking even the most wonderful suggestion. They think I’m nuts, but they leave me alone.

    Another solution is to do what I did last year, and say that you have no interest in getting married. Apparently, deciding that you’re not getting married is the most surefire way to do exactly that- which I discovered, to my great dismay, almost a year after I began my “not getting married” campaign.

  3. Yeah, it sometimes takes longer. But if you say, “Just because, I don’t have the time to go into it”, they’ll let you alone till ‘later’.

    At any rate, the ‘not getting married’ worked like Murphy’s law. If you’re desperate to get married, decide that you’ll never do so.

  4. I read your blog regularly, as I am sure many do, and you have been one of the few in my blogroll as well.
    Here’s a meme, if you do them.
    I am tagging all those blogs that are regulars on my read list with this meme.
    Here’s the meme. Maybe you’ve heard the “This, I believe” NPR program?

    Write twenty sentences starting with, “I believe”. It can be silly or serious. I was in a philosophical mindset when I wrote mine.

    I’d love to include a link to your answer in this post.

  5. Many older singles (like myself) would testify to the truth in Oscar Wilde’s epigram, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

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