The Bump Explained Phrenologically

Why do some girls wear bumps? What message are they trying to send?

Clearly that they are benevolent and full of veneration. For what, we are still investigating.


17 thoughts on “The Bump Explained Phrenologically

  1. I’ve been telling those people with the retarded high bumps that if I want to commit suicide I’ll jump off it… not that I haven’t worn one of them 🙂

  2. Re-enactment of 1988-1992 or so. Ever see Seinfeld? You shoulda seen my teachers when I was in 5th grade or so in a BY. Their bumps dwarfed those of today.

  3. Nah, it’s because (as L.M. Montgomery once wrote) only a woman who is truly beautiful or doesn’t care about her appearance should wear her hair pulled straight back from her face. Even in really old-fashioned days when all women wore their hair up, they’d have hair rolled up somehow in the front to enchance their features. A simple matter of aesthetics.

  4. I was in B.Y., and I never had a bump, nor did I ever think I needed on. People see my benevolence and veneration when I walk by, from the aura I give off. Why wear a bump?

    Nice post, btw….

  5. well, it may be that it gives off the impression that they have more volume to the hair, making them/their hair seem healthier. And health is a sign that they will be good mother (at least from an evolutionary standpoint)

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