Shidduch Resume Outdated?

Frum N’ Flipping on the shidduch DVD, a way to learn more than you really wanted to about someone from the comfort of your living room.

The one distinct advantage I see is to the references. By taping an interview during which they discuss the potential in question, you save them an awful lot of phone calls.

The disadvantage at this point is the cost of a DVD. But why DVD? Just upload the videos to a protected webpage or non-public YouTube account, and provide the access password to interested people.


3 thoughts on “Shidduch Resume Outdated?

  1. Great idea!

    But how would we upload the “are you right for her?” quiz?

    It’s really important that only guys who pass the quiz get her phone number. Otherwise Miss Maidel could be fielding way too many phone calls..

    PS. Thanks 🙂

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