Wrong Reason to Date?

It’s not that I don’t find myself good company. I spent a long yesterday afternoon on my back in the grass contemplating trees, grass, life (purpose thereof), past, future, and clouds. I still think it’s pretty incredible that clouds are made of the same stuff that fills the bathroom after I shower, and even smells the same (Rain Fresh tm), and when it swirls it’s probably God blowing into the fog like I sometimes do. Having a whole world to play with is much more fun than having a 60-foot property line, I think. Sim World doesn’t let you blow at your clouds, does it? Ants fascinate me too. I love watching them bustle about in their tiny world, unaware of the big things going on around them. We’re kind of the same way. I could maunder along, but I’d bore you. My point is, I don’t bore myself.

So I’m saying I find myself pleasant company, but still, there are some things that are just better done with someone else – anyone else. Sightseeing is one of them. You can look at flowers, estates, antiquities, and such things on your own, but… it’s a drop lame. Admiring fauna, ostentatious mansions, and edifying antiquities are really only about a third of the experience. The rest is about hearing someone else’s impressions and witty remarks, and bouncing your own off an audience to see if they’re any good. In short,  it’s about sharing the experience with someone you (preferably) like.

So, when completely stranded over the summer surrounded by interesting places to go and things to see and nobody to see them with… maybe it pays to dig up a date?


19 thoughts on “Wrong Reason to Date?

  1. but then you’d have to tell the date that you like doing those things….

    for some reason, girls have a fear of letting the guy know what they actually want to do on a date, and they end up going to places they hate, but the guy likes (e.g. dave and busters, etc.)

    maybe do a post on what girls really like to do

  2. Sorry guys but your first mistake is assuming there is an entity called “girls” and that all member parts of that entity will think, feel and be identical. It’s not what “girls” want but what the particular girl you are going to be going out with might want. And there are zillions of possibilities. Yes, some girls dig sports, or at least some kinds of sports, and some don’t. Some like outdoor based activities sometimes, and indoor based activities other times. Some girls gag at the thought of coffee at a Barnes and Nobles, others think it’s fine. For heavens sake, ask the girl, and have some variety to the choices you are offering!

  3. i gotta agree with Prof K. That was my initial thought when i read Harry’s comment.
    All girls like something different. If you’re gonna ask her tho, do it on the phone cuz it’s bad to ask when you’re sitting in the car in front of her house and ready to leave. makes you (the boy) seem unprepared
    (just MHO)

  4. You’ve got the right idea. You’ll learn something about the guy based on how he reacts to whatever it is you’re seeing together. (Sometimes, bridges, tradewinds and ships can tell you a lot about someone, eh?) Or, in the absence of a guy — none available, none that interest you, you don’t want to get married immediately, etc. — then go exploring with a female friend.

  5. As a guy about to enter the parsha, how about a post about dates girls would like to go on but guys never take them on? There’s got to be things girls want to do that guys don’t know about….Right?

  6. Wrong Reason to Date?

    The only reason to date is to find a spouse. Of course, you can find a spouse at any time and anywhere, sometimes it’s just a matter of chance. Therefore, there is no such thing as the “wrong reason to date”.

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