7 Things (off topic)

BTS tagged me in a meme. I don’t officially do these things, but I happen to be procrastinating at the moment, and heck, why not?  The fun thing about these memes is that they’re so context dependent. I just free associate without thinking too hard, and the list now is completely different than it would have  been if I’d gotten tagged last week or last month.

Seven things I love:

Other people. This one is a new discovery, but I actually do enjoy being around people – both old friends and family, and new acquaintances.

Life. Because as you live you discover all sorts of new things about yourself and change and develop in many interesting and often positive ways. Also, without it I wouldn’t have any of the other six things I love.

Guitar playing. Can’t do it myself, but I love listening to it.

Macaroni and cheese. If you ever happen to go a month or two without cheese, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The same applies to sweet spring plums.

The United States of America. We live in a country that’s amazingly diverse (I met a walking, side-of-the-mouth drawling, Louisiana stereotype yesterday), and tolerant of our religious peccadilloes. God Bless America.

Independence. Maybe this is a drop like saying I love staying hydrated. But it’s one of those things that, the more I get of it, the more I realize how happy it makes me. Maybe it’s like drugs and I’m independence-dependent?

Nature. No matter how pretty man-made construction can be – and it can get gorgeous – somehow it never quite matches a stand of old growth forest with a stream trickling through.

Tagging… er, just going down my blogroll: ProfK, Frumgirl1, FnF, and B~M as the only people not yet tagged who are likely to respond (maybe).


11 thoughts on “7 Things (off topic)

  1. Please email me,

    I recently started dating and would like to know what girl means when she says after a 2nd she had a good time, says u r a very nice guy but doesn’t see it having a potential to go for more than a 3rd date, and wants to stop now.
    Is she basically saying she is not attracted to me? (I think off my self as an attractive guy, well at least I was told so by other girls.)
    Are there any subtle cues when you can tell that the date isn’t going anywhere early on the dating process?

    Thank U

  2. I’m really surprised at how many people did the meme!
    I tagged 7 people and they all did it, and then they tagged others and it’s cool to see how it spread.

    I made the same discovery with the other people.

  3. Anonymous: a meme is basically a topic to write about, and one blogger writes about it and tags others to write about it, and they write about it and tag others to.

  4. Dante, yes, it means that she isn’t attracted to you. However attraction is only partly about looks. In fact, for some people looks account for a very small part of attraction. There are so many components to attraction that it is impossible to even begin listing them. But the key thing to learn is that when someone says that to you, they mean they don’t want to go out again, but it is for any number of those reasons, almost always unsaid to avoid hurt feelings. Since there is no way to know for sure, there is no point to obsess about those [unknown] reasons*, as those kinds of obsessions always makes one less attractive. So just move on.

    * This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t cover the basics using other resources at your disposal. Ask your friends, siblings (especially opposite gender ones), etc, if you “look” okay, if you smell okay, if you are properly groomed, and stuff like that.

  5. Hey you’re supposed to TELL people when you tag them! I’ll get right on it, it’s been a while 🙂

  6. There is a beautiful guitar piece on YouTube called Ross Concert – Jeff Danna. You will love it.

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