Best City for Singles

According to Forbes magazine, New York City is now the top city for singles to live in (0r around). For all of you who have been hanging around here for years as a single, you were ahead of the curve.

Miami falls at 29. Houston, 25, Pittsburgh 24. Baltimore, 21. Buffalo, 18. (Weird, no?) Cleveland, 14. Denver, 13. Philadelphia, 10. Los Angeles, 8. DC, 5. Seattle, 4. Boston, 2.  The full list and an explanation of ranking is here.


13 thoughts on “Best City for Singles

  1. Nope, not a bad place for singles at all, IF they can afford to live here and if they already have a nice secure job (now there’s an oxymoron). You could also look at the data and extrapolate this: come here single, look for a spouse, and then get out of town because cost of living here is way high.

  2. What criteria deems it the “best”.
    The best place to find a mate, or the best place to have “fun” while remaining single?
    I’m a big fan of New York, but I find this study funny………

  3. Buffalo at 18 isn’t wierd. I’d have expected some more wierd ones like that to pop up in a study that gives equal weight to online dating opportunities, cost of living and a “coolness” factor taken from polls where the question asked to participants is “Which of the following cities is the ‘coolest’?”

  4. Can’t really say I’m surprised Miami is at 29. That’s why most of the girls (and guys) go up to NY after HS. Or even FOR HS. My class was the first to have the majority of the girls stay in Miami…till recently at least.

  5. c, they priced a 6 pack of heineken an apt and maybe something else I don’t remember. Who knows how much weight they gave to each. Do you know how much bear costs in pittsburgh?

  6. Housing costs 80% more in NYC then in Pittsburgh and beer costs 30% more. A salary of $50,000 in NYC is comparable to a salary of $20,000 in Pittsburgh.

  7. Wow, C. Average entry level salary in NY is not 50K. They didn’t compare the same job just the average entry level salary. If you google entry level jobs in pittsburgh you’ll see there appear to be a majority that pay over 30K.

    (Not that I disagree with your comment overall)

  8. A movie ticket. That was the other thing they priced. All the important stuff singles need: income, shelter, uppers, and downers.

  9. I never said it was average. I just chose a nice round number to make a comparison. I googled comparison incomes and filled out a couple of surveys. It is not scientific at all. You can do a similar survey comparing different cities. The life style you could have earning $50,000 NYC is similar to the life style you could have only earning $20,000 in Pittsburgh. The size of an apt, the food you eat, the number of times you go to the movies.

  10. New York has not been working out for me so far, who’s for the #2 on the list: Boston? That seems like a feasible place to date.

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