Meme: Superpower Choice

The fellow with the Lemony Snicket complex tagged me to provide my superpower of choice.

Oh hey, why not, right?

If I could have any super power, I’d want to be able to understand and speak every and any language fluently, from Klingon to Swahili, and definitely Babytalk.

There is nothing as frustrating as being unable to communicate effectively with another intelligent human being. (OK, that might not apply to Klingon. [/meanness for the day]) Language, though beautiful as a representative of individual cultures, is a great barrier in our ever-shrinking world (etc etc) and a headache to many who would love to do good (or evil) far from home.

And if I could understand all languages, just think of all the travel opportunities that would open up!

OK, I’d still need to be able to afford the tickets, but as a person who is fluent in everything, I’d be in high demand by every international corporation/organization not to mention a whole lot of tired mothers, so I don’t think that would be a problem.

People to tag: hm…

NMF#7, ProfK, Mekubal, FnF, and de Blob (who, btw, has a cute post up about “finding” a girl)

4 thoughts on “Meme: Superpower Choice

  1. You know how people like to discuss others if they think the person they discuss doesn’t understand their language? You’d be winner in such situations because you could always answer something short but shocking like “i think so too” or “i doubt” or just “no” in their language. Imagine their faces now?

    I am not a type of reading person who likes books. But now I’ll have to read something to know why you compared me to him.
    And B”N I’ll follow up on it soon because I have one more thing I wanted to share for long time and Lemony Snicket just a good reminder to write about that! Thanks bad girl!

  2. i think you choosing languages is a bit of a waste is it’s part of a much better more generalized power – full communication.

    if you could mind-read and mind-talk to others, human, klingon, animal, angel or god, you could acheive so much more…

  3. I think it’s kinda obnoxious to mind read. I mean, a person’s thoughts ought to be private, y’know? I wouldn’t want to hang out with someone who could read my mind; I imagine nobody else would either.

  4. that would be a great superpower. i would love that too!
    and yeah, no one would want to be around a mind-reader because then they’ve not only gotta watch what they say but what they think!

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