Blobbish Hospitality

It was supposed to be a quiet weekend retreat at Chez Blobby, but somehow it wound up including:

A lot of feeding me. SD seems to get a joy out of stuffing her guests. The cookies and cappuccino were only the start. (Can you imagine her cappuccino machine didn’t have a name? It does now.)

Forays into the Men’s Only Midnight Chulent Clubs located around town to get me a taste of the local color and flavor. Ye gods. I can’t believe so many pay so much so regularly for such mush.

An early morning snowball fight. MP came out to take pictures and lament the fact that she was too cold to join.

A slightly later morning snowman building event, punctuated only by a short break to empty the beer bottle (eg: taste some of it, make a face, and spill out the rest).  A photo of the result is up at BOSD.

Which means it’s about five hours past my bedtime and I just thought I’d mention that I recommend the Blobbish hospitality so far. It’s quite exciting. And for anyone who knows where this is, feel free to drop by. We’re going to spend tomorrow sitting by the window drinking hot cocoa and waiting for you. (Sort of the way we spent tonight making potato kugel as planned. What happened with that? Maybe tomorrow. That no-potato-kugel threat isn’t very threatening when there’s no potato kugel to be had.)

Apologies if I lack coherence. I’m generally not coherent at this hour, usually because I’m asleep, but that isn’t necessarily necessary. However, this seems like the kind of thing you need to get your 2cents in about before the other blogger does. it’s truly awful when you have two bloggers, two laptops, and open wireless… And exactly why we’re IMing across the room instead of just speaking I couldn’t explain. Force of habit? Who knows.


5 thoughts on “Blobbish Hospitality

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun….
    Now put down the liquor bottle and go to bed.
    Maybe you’ll make more sense by the evening 🙂

  2. Glad to hear that you brought in the new year with some good old fashioned fun!…Because once girls reach shidduchim age it seems like most fun activities are Bad for shidduchim!

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