What People Read

I noticed that there’s one post that seems to get a trickle of visitors on a regular basis, despite being buried in the past without much to recommend it. So, in a fit of procrastination, I dropped in on the Blog Stat section of my dashboard to check out the most popular posts of all time.

To my surprise, the #1 most popular post (after The Best roundup, not recently updated) is What Seminary Says About You (Behind Your Back).  Has someone been emailing that one around?

Next in line is Another Broken Engagement.  Heavy stuff. Whodathunk?

Then come some that I know are google results: men’s clothing sizes, reasons not to get married, etc. Those google searches always seem to land people here. Not much content, unless you want to know men’s clothing sizes, and so on.

For some reason my first blogoversary post also rates high, despite having zero content worth reading. There’s no accounting for taste, I guess.

There does seem to be a preference for bad dating stories (here too), weird date stories, dating gaffes, and snarky items. Now we’re on ground I understand.

At the very bottom, there were a couple of pages with only 1 or 2 hits, most of them from the very beginning of the blog. Aw c’mon: I thought this one was good.

Probably I should use this data to update the Best Of Bad4 list, but I’m running out of time to procrastinate, so I guess I’ll do that a different time.


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