In college, one of the clubs holds an annual Date Auction. Guys and girls get on stage and strut their stuff, while their opposites in the audience bid on them.

I find the idea mildly repulsive, if entertaining. Goodness knows it’s the only way some of these people can get dates. (Comparatively speaking, I’m a hit with the menfolk.)

But, as FnF points out, Israeli chareidim do the exact same thing, if less blatantly. Except her in dystopia they’ve stopped pretending.


26 thoughts on “Brilliant

  1. If this gets these girls and guys going out why are we complaining? If we are already trying all sorts of odd ways of getting people to meet each other, why is this any worse?

  2. It’s like a modern version of those picnic auctions that they used to have in the mid-west! Cool! Although, I’ll admit, I’d much rather participate in a picnic auction than in a Date Auction.

  3. This actually reminds me of a Full House episode… the guys were all being auctioned off to raise money for charity, and just about everyone in the room wanted to bid for Uncle Jesse.

  4. On one hand it idea does seem like a degrading way to get a date but then again if it gets people to go out I suppose it has some merit.

  5. It’s a fascinating piece, expertly crafted.

    Bad4 – I’m beginning to think those of us in the J-blogosphere, English majors (like me) and not, who write fiction should band together and make some sort of compilation for publication. You’d definitely have a good bit of material worth contributing.

    What say ye? (not that I know how to officially go about this sort of thing).

  6. Tzfbas and Leibel- the difference is that in Israel it’s husbands being sold, not dates.

    Although we are thinking of instituting a returns policy..

    Shades- that’s a good idea. I’d like to make it to hard copy again, without the censorship.

  7. @Bored Jewish guy- How do you figure? I did not say that they should get married without dating each other. A large factor in people not getting married is that they aren’t meeting people. If we increase the dating we may increase the marriages. What is wrong with marriage as a priority?

    Frum N’ Flipping- Good point! How long of a return policy are we talking about? 6 months or 30 days. Full-Refund or is there a 10% restocking fee 🙂

  8. tzfnas, I have a problem with making it all about money and looks although our current system may not be much different. I’m pretty sure we can find less demeaning ways to get boys and girls to meet.

  9. I’ve been toying with the idea of a “Bad4Shidduchim Offline” version, but I’m too lazy to go through the effort, to be honest. However, this could be a fun venture. Would it be a random anthology, or topical?

  10. Bad4 – I’m not referring to specifically your blog itself as an offline version, as R’ Student has done with “Posts Along The Way” – but specifically GOOD, well written fiction by frum people (of which you are certainly included).

  11. Yeah, I know. I was just explaining that it’s an idea that’s been on my mind occasionally. The self-publishing thingy, I mean, and everything to do with it – distribution, etc. I was querying what the contents would be. I’m guessing you’re thinking a general anthology of fiction written by frum people…

    Well, that’s been done before, unsuccessfully (you haven’t heard of it, see?). Also, even in the general publishing world, short story anthologies are known to be lousy sellers. I think you need something more targeted or specific than “good fiction” if you want it to have a prayer of a chance.

  12. The target should be Shidduchim, since that’s a hot topic, and there are no honest books out there by singles.
    It could be an anthology of Jewish bloggers on shidduchim and being single. Not only fiction.
    I did have a catchy name but I forgot it :-p

  13. Alright – an anthology of short pieces about shidduchim by single, Jewish, bloggers. Do we narrow it down further?

  14. I say that’s focused enough
    within the anthology we can have sections: being set up, dates, breaking up, knowing it’s the right one, singledom, shomer negiah, shadchan’s, fiction prose, fiction poetry etc.
    Within each section we can mix different bloggers takes on it. For instance Nice Jewish Girl mainly wrote about shomer negiah. We all have our ‘classic’ pieces about different topics.
    Titles so far: Shidduch Scene- the bloggers take. Or something like that.

  15. Ps. I think an anthology would actually be more interesting than one blogger putting out a book. Because for one blogger- you can read his blog. This would collect the top pieces out there from across the spectrum, with different styles and different viewpoints.

  16. I think the picks should be done by others – meaning, we each pick from every else’s blogs. Though it might help if a blogger submits a broad selection. This way we get an impartial selection of best, instead of a particular writer’s favorites.

  17. Okay. I tried creating a wiki page for this project but gave up after a few minutes being confused by Google Sites. But there’s got to be a better location than this.

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