Off Topic: My Life is Also Average

On the way home from the subway yesterday I came across a bizarre yet amusing scene.

Apparently someone had nicked a box off the back of a UPS truck – or maybe it had fallen off and they’d just taken advantage of the situation. Either way, the box was opened and abandoned on the snow heaped on the curb.

The box was destined for Yaffa Wigs in Miami, Florida.

I couldn’t help but wonder, as I gathered up the box and its scattered contents, what exactly had gone through the thief’s mind when he opened the box and came face to faces with the blank gazes of a dozen Styrofoam sheitel heads.


13 thoughts on “Off Topic: My Life is Also Average

  1. It’s funny that you write this post because me and my brother-in-law have an ongoing game of “Put The Creepy Sheitel Head In Unsuspecting Places”… It’s a long neck one, so it looks like an alien…

  2. I find the comment by “not by coincidence” ironic/funny given his blogger handle.

    I presume you’re contacting the company and returning the heads to them? As odd as the situation is, it’s still a nice bit of hashgacha pratis and the chance for a mitzvah.

  3. Yeah – I was all for resealing the box and sending them on their way with a note, but my mother had the brighter idea of contacting the sender. It turns out a couple of them were missing. The imagination runs wild.

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