A Good Date

Why don’t you read about good dates?

After a good date you don’t speak of it or write of it, you want to keep the moments to yourself, close to your heart.

~from this post about good dates, by FnF

I have one more reason to add: you don’t want to admit you had a good time because… because… well, because you know it’s too good to be true and you’ll hear tomorrow that “he had a wonderful time but doesn’t think you’re for him.” It’ll be bad enough for you – why drag anyone else into your disappointment?


8 thoughts on “A Good Date

  1. Good dates don’t make good stories; that’s how things are supposed to go in a perfect world. Also, it’s the same reason they report more bad things in the news than good things- good news doesn’t sell.

  2. Two reasons, one cynical and one romantic:

    1) B/c no one wants to hear a good date story unless it ends in, “and now we’re married!”

    2) B/c the best experiences are in the realm of that which is beyond words. It’s connected to what FnF said originally; chances are no one else will understand the good story on the level that you experienced it.

  3. Of course it is. Good dates are always fun and always leave good memories. But when you tell someone else that you had a good date, implicit in the statement is the suggestion that there will be another. Also, that you’ll be unhappy if there isn’t another. Which is often (but not always) true.

  4. I agree with the above suggestions – good dates aren’t good news stories, or that you don’t want to “jinx” things or come back with a breakup story from a subsequent date. What about simply that they are not good stories? So you went out and had a nice time! You talked, you enjoyed, you ate (maybe), you walked scenicly (perhaps) etc. Most dates when you come back, you tell your pestering roommate “It was OK” or “It was good.” Most aren’t stunningly spectacular… but those that are, feel free to tell!

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