Ice Cream, Anyone?

I just noticed that spring break is in two weeks. Which means, of course, that it’s time for another ice cream meet.

Who is invited: single females who are members of the BadforShidduchim Club and have points to swap in for ice cream. (You can only come if you deserve an ice cream because the rule is that the rest of the club has to buy you ice cream, and if everyone deserves one, we can just all buy our own and it’s even.)

In an attempt to keep the locations rotated, I think this time we’ll head to Sprinkles, on the edge of Borough Park. If you’re interested, post below.


24 thoughts on “Ice Cream, Anyone?

  1. If I put my hair in a pony just for the get-together, can I come? Otherwise I don’t think I qualify.

  2. As a non-commenting reader I haven’t got my creds lined up, but I do like ice cream. So as long as it’s before Peasch I’d love to come.

  3. Oh well I guess I don’t qualify. Did you ever consider that some girls like to dress-up for themselves. I actually choose to blow my hair, wear make-up, and wear short skirts everday cuz I WANT to. By not dressing up for yourself you’re kind of giving in to all those pesky ladies who judge you based on how you look. Try pampering yourself. Do your nails, get a pedicure, blow your hair, do your makeup, pick out some really nice outfit, and then go into bed and read a book. And let me know how you feel when you’re finished 🙂

  4. (not)girlnextdoor: Aren’t short skirts bad for shidduchim? I thought long skirts were considered more tznius, you girls are confusing. I agree about dressing up for yourself, I do it myself all the time. but I think the point is that some girls don’t like that they’re always being judged with shidduchim in mind, so they can’t ever just go casual.

  5. I dress up when I feel like dressing up. Which isn’t so often.

    Most of the things I do can’t be done in manicures and short skirts. I still don’t get how you’re in bed reading with tights on. I know how it feels, and it’s uncomfortable. And digging up a garden in your best shoes is just stupid. Etc. I tried a manicure once, and it didn’t last three hours. I have a feeling we spend our leisure time differently. Or else I’m just not grown-up enough for one.

    Anyway, there are an awful lot of girls out there who only dress up because they’re embarrassed to be seen otherwise.

  6. BJG: I think what she meant was knee-length skirts instead of long skirts close to the ground…not actual short.

  7. Bad4- I guess I crashed the last ice cream meet because I wear my hair down everyday and wear short skirts and manicures!!
    I thought you were joking about who is/is not invited to the meets!! 🙂

  8. smartblondie: I guess that makes sense, my reference was from my mother not wanting me to go out with a girl b/c she said she doesn’t like to wear long skirts. I guess it means different things to different people.

  9. BJG – when the rest of the world says “short” they mean above the knee. When a frumgirl does, it means hits the knee or right below.

    tembow – we’re not strict about dress. It’s about points, and there are other ways to get ’em besides dress.

  10. You could bike through Flatbush. You could eat chulent with the overweight men on Thursday night. You could hold a conversation with your brother on a public street corner. There are any number of things you can do.

  11. or I could go bike riding through Flatbush with my brother to get chulent on a Thursday night? With a long skirt, of course.

  12. bad4: Thanks for the clarification, unfortunately that leads me to believe that my mother wants me to marry the jewish version of a nun, oh well. Also, not every man that goes out for Thursday night chulent, is overweight, yet.

    Chan: It may get you less points, but I would find it way funnier if you tried to ride your bike through Flatbush with your hair down, wearing a short skirt.

  13. Bad 4: I agree with (not) girl next door . There is something that I enjoy about dressing up- it’s just fun! On the other hand, I do not like the pressure of being seen and only to be seen with makeup, hair blown etc.

    It’s like reverse psychology: The frum world dictates dressing up as a kallah maidel so in defiance I’d dress down :).

    Bad 4:, as a ——— major – I am sure that your leisure activities drastically differ from mine. I like to curl up with a good book, shop, get a manicure, and once in a while get in touch with nature.
    That’s exactly why my sneakers are still a few years old.

  14. Bad4, does accompanying the cholent eater, but stopping short of consuming greasy mystery meat due to dietary concerns, count for points?

    Shame you didn’t sit down with the dudes that time. WOuld have counted for enough to get ten ice creams! 😀

  15. SD – I would have, but *someone* didn’t want me to. Possibly she/he was concerned about the shidduch ramifications.

  16. I told you to sit down and eat. I couldn’t handle the atmosphere, or lack thereof. Trust me, not wanting to sit amongst overweight, greasy men in the midst of a feeding frenzy had NOTHING to do with shidduchim.

  17. Do we have to bring a tally chart to the meet? Who gets the job of counting the points and checking for honesty? 😉

  18. Honor system. We trust you to belong there. Though it’s often obvious who doesn’t. 😉 We like ’em anyway.

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