Your Failings

Thanks to The Apple for alerting me to this little gem. A website where people can give you anonymous feedback  on yourself.


There are a few flaws in this idea. It’s only theoretically anonymous. I mean, I can guess which people would criticize me about what. Which brings us along to flaw #2 – that most people are at least vaguely aware of what’s wrong with them, but they either don’t think it’s that bad or worth the effort, they think it adds to their charm, they’re working on it, or they don’t think people notice. Oh, and one more problem: everyone else can log in too and see what everyone else thinks of you.

There’s a cheerful proposition. I’m almost tempted.

But just imagine if there were an entire world where everyone could give everyone else anonymous feedback on everything. You could just log on and let them know exactly what was wrong with them. And they could back atcha.

(“You know what your problem is? You’re too critical!”)

I can’t figure out how that would play out. Good? Bad? Neither?


10 thoughts on “Your Failings

  1. Very, very often have I fantasized about just creating an anonymous email address and emailing everyone with whom I have a problem. It would be soooooo fun.

  2. I think it would be better if everyone would just be honest in person, instead of anonymously, like in the movie “The Invention of Lying” where everyone is completely honest with each other. It may be interesting to see what people really think about you, but you’re asking for trouble signing up for something like this. I did have a similar idea for a site where you can vote for people who deserve to be smacked in the face and when someone gets a certain number of votes, someone gets dispatched to slap them. I think there would be a disproportionate amount of shaddchanim getting slapped.

  3. I don’t see how this could do much good. My high school had something similar right before Yom Kippur called a Mechila-gram. Girls would anonymously write what they did/said about you and ask for you forgiveness. Of course, if by chance you knew the person’s handwriting, it wasn’t so anonymous…and you wonder why they just didn’t come up and say “I did ___” to your face. Nope, I don’t recommend Mechila-grams.

  4. Not such a fan of this idea. Everyone needs to have friends/mentors/rabbeim who can be up front and honest with what the person needs to work on (and hopefully will with the proper encouragement). This just seems to be asking for more trouble than it’s worth.

  5. coralcap,
    type it up 😉
    Mechila-grams sound very dangerous. You need the right “group” and then maybe. The group is only so big. I’m sure it’s not hard to figure out who said what about whom.

  6. I have a few friends and rebbeim that will tell it to me straight and I appreciate it even if I don’t always take it the best. I wish more people would be honest with me. I like the idea of people being able to tell me all the areas that I need to work on, even if they don’t have to work up the courage to tell me.

  7. Also, it isn’t searchable by name, only the people who know who you are are able to leave feedback, and they need a password to leave it. Though they are able to see everyone else’s comments to you.

  8. “Well if you’re going to blacklist an entire population for dating, I can see why it would be engineers.” For which I duly clonked her over the head with a campus newspaper. – I take it you’re an engineer (in training)?

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