Vacation Schedule

Renata Adler once commented that she enjoyed newspaper writing more than magazine writing because every day you were forced to write again to erase the shame of the previous day’s article.

There’s something to that. As a blogger, the faster you continue posting, the faster a piece of drivel descends to the bottom of the screen and then into oblivion (for all but the most tenacious or curious).

But when you’re posting quickly, you’re more likely to either put out more drivel, or scrape the bottom of the barrel. Looking back at this week’s posts, I realize that I posted too many dregs at once. I’m talking about those posts that have been sitting around the “blog” directory on my flash drive for months because I never had the heart to put them up.

So, for the moment, we’re going to come off a 4-times-a-week schedule in the hope that it will promote quality over quantity.

See y’all around.


11 thoughts on “Vacation Schedule

  1. I enjoy your writing, no matter the topic. It is generally witty and insightful. I will continue to look forward to future posts.

  2. Yeah man, quality over quantity any day..

    “I’m talking about those posts that have been sitting around the “blog” directory on my flash drive”- *shivers* I can’t imagine putting up a post unless it’s something that’s really at the top of my mind. Gotta’ live with the times…

  3. Oh I never post anything that’s at the top of my mind. By the time I post anything it’s usually about a month out of date. I actually felt guilty about this one ( because I’d recovered a week ago and I was getting well-wishes. (The delay was because the cold arrived during finals, and I needed time to look over a King James Bible to make sure I had the language correct.)

  4. I don’t find your posts to be “drivel”. I wonder if having very high standards, while probably desirable in a beginning writer, may be a problem in beginning a relationship. After all, the essayist can select whichever words in whatever order she wishes, adding and removing them at will. With people (perhaps especially men), the package as presented is fairly inflexible. While changes around the edges may be possible, the wise know that people have difficulty changing basic traits. So while the writer need not compromise her vision of perfection, the potential spouse might need to replace the ideal with the real and ordinary.

    Or maybe this is just drivel.

  5. You’re harsh on yourself, you’re writing is good and witty. You expressed the issues people who’ve been dating for a while (2 and a half years here) go through.

  6. i like your posts, they make me laugh and think, but not too much (thinking i mean) . i hope you continue to post often, blogs are not supposed to be literature, save being critical for the book.

  7. I’ve been reading so much of your stuff lately that on Friday night I dreamt that once again on the top of my Google Reader page there was a new Bad4 post… that you were engaged.

    So I saw your sister on shabbos and said, “I had a dream that (Bad4) was engaged!” and she said “Amen!” And then I had to say it a dozen more times so she could say “amen” a dozen more times. That and “chalom tov chalamta”.


  8. I had been wondering about the sudden streak of postings, especially since you had only recently mentioned taking a break for midterms. I do agree with quality over quantity, though. I have a few posts (some months old) that are sitting half-completed, but as Sh’lomo’ commented, they don’t feel fresh enough to complete (or post) – and my own fervor that inspired me to write them just isn’t there anymore. That’s the good part about writing stories though, you can sit on an unfinished draft for a good while and k

    eep working it over before sharing it.

  9. I didn’t mean that I thought these posts were drivel – I don’t. I was speaking generally then. But in the normal course of things, I never would have put up those three in succession.

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