How *DO* You Get Out of a Car?

Somehow, this article on marriage school reminds me of Honor to Us All and the matchmaker scene from Mulan – only less traditional and more institutionalized.

Just a sample of what you could be learning to help you snag a mate:

Instructors provide critiques about students’ dress, posture and even details such as how they cross their legs or get out of a car. Men and women are taught different skills, which range from how to set a table well to how to be more emotionally expressive.

Students also simulate dates, during which their instructors grade their performance and point out what they did wrong.

Oh, and apparently the Japanese have a word for “spouse-hunting activities”: konkatsu.

Good luck with the konkatsu, everyone!


18 thoughts on “How *DO* You Get Out of a Car?

  1. still can’t stop laughing. how do you find these sites? thought of buying one or something, you could store a utility tool there instead of in your purse 😉
    i do like that they have the option for resizing because of a beer gut. not that i have one, but for those that do. Oh, and at those prices, i’m better off buying a skirt and retooling it

  2. I did think of buying one, because they’re actually quite cool looking, but the price is steep. Also, a kilt is beged ish.

    There’s something very cute about those hairy knees… doncha think?

    …Mulan is alright except that she marries a guy who is a total jerk just because he’s the hero. You can see it’s a marriage that’s destined for trouble. Or that it’s a Disney written mostly by men.

  3. Sefardi Gal: I think that’s why you should want the guy to open the door for you. I can understand not wanting the guy to see more than he should but you can tell a lot by what he does when you’re getting in the car. If the guy cares about your feelings he’s probably going to look away a little, at least on the first few dates.

    bad4: Is a kilt really considered beged ish?

  4. “at least on the first few dates” ?! A true gentleman would not take advantage of his date and visually tresspass her in an unbecoming fashion (which you may or may not be suggesting).

    And why isn’t a kilt beged ish? It’s not just a standard skirt, has always been associated with male attire, and is often part of a military uniform (though not used in combat anymore).

  5. Shades: What I meant to say is that after they’re comfortable with each other I don’t think it’s necessary for the guy to look away. Not that he should be trying to look up her skirt, but he could look at her without being inappropriate. Also some amount of “looking” is normal when you start getting serious, not in a crazy staring way, but if a girl can’t tell that you’re attracted to her, she’s going to wonder….

    In some places a kilt is considered normal attire for a man, not in most places though. From looking at the pictures on that website, those kilts look a lot like some of the skirts BY girls are wearing these days. To me it definitely looks like a beged isha.

  6. BJG, I meant not opening the car door for me on the way out (ie: when I’m already in the car and about to get out). I don’t think it’s fair to judge him based on that!

    Bad4, you really think shane (was that his name) was a jerk? I thought he was kind of sweet…in a macho way.

    “A true gentleman would not take advantage of his date and visually tresspass her in an unbecoming fashion”
    Shades Of Grey, “visually trespass” is officially my new favorite phrase!!! And I agree, but c’mon…no one’s perfect. Everyone checks out their date.

  7. There’s “checking out” and then there’s gawping.

    I don’t know his name. He was a jerk. A male chauvinistic pig embodied. He left her to die after she saved his life. The only reason he paid any attention to her at the end was because he had no choice. Putting them together is like putting the rock and the hard place into a gladiator ring.

    A kilt, by definition, is a male garment, whether or not it’s considered appropriate attire in a given location. However, I believe that female highland dancer also wear kilts these days, so it’s probably not beged ish.

  8. Sefardi Gal: How is it different when you’re getting out of the car? I wouldn’t judge him for not opening the door (you ladies seem to jump out of the car as soon as we park), but if he does open it, he shouldn’t “gawp” and make you uncomfortable.

    bad4: I would pay to watch the reaction if a guy would walk into BMG wearing a kilt.

  9. I’ve seen guys in kilts on Purim. Not in BMG per se (never been there Purim) but around Brooklyn. Although I’m not sure if they wear them properly (commando) or not. Never asked. And never seen any of them get out of a car.

  10. Bad4: On purim they could probably get away with it, although I’m sure some people would be upset. I’d like to see someone try it on a normal day. LOL, I thought that was a myth about going commando when wearing a kilt, wikipedia agrees with you that it’s the proper way. I don’t want to think about it.

  11. There are kilts that are specifically made for women. Obviously they’re not beged ish. I had several as a child & teenager (my mother is British), but I don’t know if most frum ladies would wear them because they are a true wrap style.

  12. They’re wrap-around, but it’s very wrapped. The entire front is overlapped. There’s basically no chance that it’s going to open. Also, you’re supposed to wear a kilt pin to keep the front apron down. So it’s really quite modest – except for the current fashion of wearing them just hitting the knee or right above.

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