Question of the Week: Girly Photos

Courtesy of Mr. Shidduchim, while perusing Good4’s album of photos of her and her friends standing in front of various points of interest holding various things.

Somewhat puzzled: “Why do girls think they have to squish their heads together to be in the picture?”

Okay, nothing to do with dating or marriage, but does anyone have an answer?


22 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Girly Photos

  1. You should also ask why girls tilt their heads downward and turn their heads so they the right side of their bangs… and make kissy faces… hmmm…

  2. Also, what’s the whole deal with showing as much gum as possible? I understand that most people are not like their grandparents who thought “picture time” meant looking as depressed as possible (perhaps they were continuously depressed in those times). But making a friendly/smiley face and looking like a poster for a dentist’s office are completely different things.

  3. Darn it! I was hoping to find out WHY girls like squishing heads and making kissy faces! I’ve wondered for years!

  4. I find the kissy faces– and the mouths hanging open– to be SO unrefined.
    Can’t imagine a princess posing for the press like that.

  5. I guess they squish their heads together because it lookes “cuter”, girls tend to hug or crunch together really close for photos.

  6. this subject came up on shabbos and got me thinking: what can you eat on a date-
    maybe want to write a post on that?
    Kissy faces-or what ever u want to call them…. Oh my! ive noticed it in my sisters school pictures and basically summed in up in one word- UCH!!
    i think the generation has changed- dont recall my pictures looking like that….

  7. bad4- a kissy face is when they suck in their cheeks and pucker their lips– come on, you’ve seen them.

  8. I have – repeat – never seen a kissy face in a photo. It sounds like something a fangirl does to guy band member, not what a bunch of BY girls do to their cameras. Possibly we don’t hang with the same crowds.

    I sort of mentioned food in passing once – it’s not really a profound or new idea. It might be fun to list – I’ll keep it in mind.

  9. bad4-
    You’re right; it doesn’t sound like what BY girls do with their cameras. Ayno domeh shmi’a…, though. Check out the looseleafs in any BYHS classroom.

  10. thanks bad4- thought u hmay have mentioned it…
    i guess ulll have an idea for a post if ur ever bored 😉
    ur right it really isnt a BY type look. and as i said i havent seen it in my HS pictures- i see it in the camp and school pictures now and i dont like the look at all (which is probably how i noticed it to begin with)

  11. I have seen girls who are supposedly serious BY girls do the “kissy face”–it is definitely an American thing though, as someone mentioned.

  12. The Pucker/Kissy face comes from American media. It is a common facial expression in many hollywood films. Think female dancers, puckering up to blow someone a kiss.

  13. Yeah, also why do girls have to hug in pictures? It always looks weird when I look at a picture with me and a bunch of other girls and somehow I missed the memo that we were all supposed to be sorta hugging towards the middle, so I just look really awkward.

  14. I’m a real bais yaakov girl- still in high school- and all my friends make kissy poses- they’re pretty yeshivish too. Maybe it stems from hollywood, but girls do it just as a pose- no ones thinking “Hollywood” when they pose like that.

  15. Onlyme!-
    Dunno what they’re thinking, or if they’re thinking at all, but a Jewish girl should always be thinking.
    And if they were thinking, they’d realize that it’s not befitting their stature.
    I personally don’t feel comfortable doing it- it’s not something that feels natural to our innate tznius.

  16. Option one: There are sooooooo many girls trying to get into the picture they have no choice but to squish together if they all want to fit.

    Option two: Girls, being more, um, (how do I say this without getting yelled at) exuberant and expressive with their emotions find that extreme physical closeness is a sign of a closer friendship. Does it make sense that when girls haven’t seen each other in a week they shriek and hug for a minute? Same idea. Maybe…

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