Membership Loss

Mazal tov to NEF # I-Don’t-Know-What. We met over ice cream at a BadforShidduchim Club meeting, and only a few months later she’s dropped out.  Some people are so fickle.

Well, I just want you to know, young lady, that your membership dues for the rest of the year are non-refundable, though you will be banned from all future meetings. Mazal tov, and enjoy ice cream with your fiancé.


4 thoughts on “Membership Loss

  1. Bad 4- Thanks. I will now accept your congratulations formally. I was wondering… what number you’d put for NEF.
    For anyone who knows my story…I had lots of plans….but, G-d has the last laugh. He knew what I had to go through- and get banged over the head for too….It was hard to see the light at that time.
    …May we all see the light of the Geulah B’mheirah V’yameinu.

  2. Mazel Tov REDTred…. May you have simcha all the days of your life. May everything that you do be positive and may all those things that you put yourself to flourish…. You should build a Bayis Neaman Bi’Yisroel.

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