Link: Mythical Creatures

FnF is back, and here’s her post about Mythical Creatures: The Guys I Should Be Dating.

People – okay, mostly high school girls – are always telling me all about the kind of guy I need to marry. God, for all His wisdom, ought to hang out with high schoolers a bit more often, I think, so He knows what kind of guy to send me.


6 thoughts on “Link: Mythical Creatures

  1. Never underestimate the power of high schoolers.
    My son’s shidduch was suggested NUMEROUS times by a high school boy, until somebody finally listened to him!

  2. Lookin for love in all the wrong places…
    At some point you need come to terms with that basic reality and get on with life and happiness. You are not living in your parents generation and you are not living their lives nor frumkeot. Whatever you build, it will necessarily be very different. So build wisely.

  3. SHOOT! Last night, after being creamed by numerous kinfaun, I opted not to go, me, the faithful follower of Rabbi Yisroel. If Y could be so kind and give a synopsis . . .

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