Reason #? For Getting Married: It’s Healthy

Thanks to the NMF who sent this one.

Contemporary studies, for instance, have shown that married people are less likely to get pneumonia, have surgery, develop cancer or have heart attacks. A group of Swedish researchers has found that being married at midlife is associated with a lower risk for dementia. A study of two dozen causes of death in the Netherlands found that in virtually every category, ranging from violent deaths like homicide and car accidents to certain forms of cancer, the unmarried were at far higher risk than the married.


9 thoughts on “Reason #? For Getting Married: It’s Healthy

  1. But a bad marriage is VERY bad for your health. And even people who divorce do not regain their prior health. So never getting married can be healthier than being married, depending on the circumstances.

  2. except that women do have a shorter lifespan when they are married. Marriage takes off between 2-10 years off a woman’s life. Conversely it extends a male’s lifespan. Of course, it does not take into quality of life into the fact that a woman may have a shorter life-span (e.g.- having children reduces ones lifespan)

  3. Women live longer in any case, and who wants to outlive their spouse by a decade when it can be only five years instead? Still, I wonder how many years per kid? Can you (married mother) then lay a guilt trip on your family for slowly killing you?

    SoG – you can try it my way – just read the first page and post it for everyone else to read. 😉

  4. The idea that married people live longer is not all that contemporary. The comedian Henny Youngman built a routine around that idea many decades ago. His opening for his monologue was: “Scientists tell us that married men live longer than single men. Well, it seems longer anyway.”

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