Male Chapter?

So, SiBaW sorta started a male chapter of the Bad for Shidduchim club. That is, he is willing to slap you with points, but not to permit you to redeem them. Now honestly, I don’t get the point in that. Do you think I would bother going through the effort of doing all these terrible things without the promise of ice cream for it? Then again, considering some of the stuff that makes his list, maybe it’s a good thing…


8 thoughts on “Male Chapter?

  1. Can I tell you a secret… ❓ There sorta is a club, but it’s by invitation only 8) ! Oh, right, and the first rule of the SiBW club is “you do not talk about the SiBW club.” 😛 Now don’t tell anyone. 😆

    But since we are discussing “clubs,” is the Bad4 club dedicated towards world denomination? 😛

  2. Oh, and btw, same goes for your list such as: “appear to smoke a cigarette on a street corner/drink from a can in a paper bag” 🙂

  3. SiBW’s list is crap. Buncha stuff which isn’t just looked down upon, but is against halacha or just plain sleazy.
    The rest is just copied from Bad4’s list (which could use some work too).

  4. yea doing things against halacha doesn’t count as being bad4shidduchim, it counts as being bad for your neshama.

    @sibw- shouldn’t the first rule SiBW club be “this is no SiBW club” ? 😉

  5. @Aaron
    Yup, Aaron, you got it. 😛 Glad you enjoyed the list though. 🙄 I know what you mean; wearing sweatpants is looked down upon, very wrong, and quite sleazy! 😉 Or maybe it is only for jeans… 😕 Can I ask you something? If you were to make a list, what items would you include?

    @Harryer than Them All
    While I totally agree that doing something which is against halacha is bad for your neshama, it most definitely is bad for shidduchim. Are you telling me you’d even consider going out with a girl who you knew wasn’t so careful in following halacha? I sure hope not.

    As per the rules, dunno, maybe. 🙂

    Anyways… as some of the commenters have already articulated, some items on that list (as well as bad4’s) are deal-breakers (duh). In case you didn’t realize, neither the point valuations nor the actual list were meant to be taken literally. Besides, there is no ice cream redemption for my points. 😉

  6. SiBW – serving life in prison is also bad for shidduchim, but I wouldn’t award anyone with points for managing that one.

    And the only world denomination we deal with is the single, frum, female one. 😉

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