11 thoughts on “Random Question

  1. They have a boundless supply of energy. The way I see it, we are all born with a definite amount of energy, and as we get older, we use it up. These little ones haven’t used it up yet.
    Plus, their heads aren’t full with other things- so they can use that wonderful brain of theirs to make mischief.
    Why 3 year olds specifically? My 1 year old exhausts me!

  2. Comment #1 -so true!
    Three year olds are only on the first level of Maslow’s Pyramid. As we get older we have to begin climbing- against gravity.That’s hard work…which never killed anyone yet can make you exhausted! Add a three year old…and you get nowhere fast 🙂

  3. They get enough sleep. Therefore, they are way more awake and energized than the rest of us. I think part of the initiation into adulthood is sleep deprivation.

  4. nmf#7, I hope you’re wrong, because that means active people use up their energy much faster…

    Maybe the weight/power ratio thing makes sense. They’re certainly more compact.

    REDT – the psych major strikes again! 😀

    Erachet – that’s a good point. I was hoping to play “nap time” but he got bored up that much faster than I did.

  5. In my babysitting experience, I’m winded until the day before they go home, because by then I’ve established a schedule and adjusted to their wants and needs.

  6. random question: why do so few people visit my blog and why do even fewer comment? It’s really exhausting writing with zero feeedback. Almost as exhausting as caring for a three year old.

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