12 thoughts on “Who Says Blogging is Bad for Shidduchim?

  1. Mazel tov to her. It’s very tempting to say Im yirtzeh Hashem by you, given the blogger context. However, I will refrain from doing so. I used to find it somewhat patronizing.

  2. Somehow I got the impression from some of your earlier posts that you generally do not go out with your readership. (I may be totally off-base – am I?) If I’m correct, now that you’ve seen this story, would you change that practice?

    And on top of that, I think you had expressed a lack of interest in YU-types. (Again, please correct me.) Given that this other blogger married across “type” – maybe it shows that the internet allows for free exchange of ideas so as to get to know each other without having externals get in the way…

  3. “her engagement to one of her readers” – That’s why you’re running this blog, admit it!!!!

    (/chain yanking off)

  4. Yosef – wrong on both counts. I have gone out with readers and I have gone out across “type” boundaries. Though I would hesitate about a chossid. You see, they don’t eat gebrokst.

    Leibel – 😛

    Shlomo – cuz she liked him?

  5. Elie: I mean, Chana’s like, VERY Modern Orthodox. She’s very engrossed in Judaic studies and such, but essentially she’s on the liberal end of things. A lot of Ultra Orthodox people might find a lot of that hard to swallow. But then again this Heshy dude is no “tzvi meir zilberberg” himself, so.. But speaking from experience, if you like someone you’re willing to put up with a heck of a lot of crap for them, so I’m sure it’ll work out great. : )

  6. What makes Chana very modern orthodox. For that matter what is modern orthodox, very yeshivish, very chasidish.

    She’s modern orthodox today, you wouldn’t believe who had what behavioral practices 35 years ago and how they’ve changed (in both directions).

    They seem to get on, and that is what is most important. Labels don’t take care of sick people, raise children, or do anything except identify divisions and promote egotism. Real compatible goals make for a happy household with clear messages to children as to what is important and what is ….

    Anyhow, I’m happy for her. She did not have a straight road to where she is today, she’s a seeker and I hope to be around to see where the two of them travel to.

    Good Shabbos.

  7. maybe it shows that the internet allows for free exchange of ideas so as to get to know each other without having externals get in the way…

    One of the most true comments I’ve ever seen on a blog.

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