Desperate Singles

desperate girl looks for shidduch on highway


12 thoughts on “Desperate Singles

  1. Is that Baltimore? I knew they were offering substantial sums to set up to singles from Baltimore in an attempt to fight the Shidduch Crisis, I just didn’t realize that they had resorted to highway adverts.

  2. I hope that’s not a real phone number. Whoever photoshopped it should have known from TV and movies to always use a 555 exchange.

  3. Thats gotta be in the tri state area (even without the 732 area code as a dead giveaway) cuz they dont make traffic like that out of town…

  4. This is not real. There is a website that allows you to do this or on a billboard. probably the atom.smasher website!

  5. I think that would make a great ”shidduch crisis” workshop type of brochure for the frum community.
    People should begin to treat singles as a top priority instead of those infrequent afterthoughts
    ( R’ Peysach Krohn suggested people use the ”index card system” to be on the lookout for potential shidduchim).
    Chag Sameach 🙂

  6. Very fake! I think the juncture in question is in Bloomington, MN! 😕 Do they even have shidduchim there? Besides, the clarity of the text on the sign doesn’t match the surrounding elements. The real question is: has anyone called the number yet? 😛

  7. “Very fake! I think the juncture in question is in Bloomington, MN! Do they even have shidduchim there?”

    494 and West Bush Lake Road, I think. The picture’s fairly old, the road has since been widened there, eliminating the median, and the overpass rebuilt. Or it could be the crosstown. Hard to tell.

    There is a frum community located in Saint Louis Park, about 5-10 minutes north of there. I would assume they take pains to make sidduchim for their kids.

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