Your All-Time Favorite Shidduch Post

So, you’re reading this. You must like reading about shidduchim. Moreover, you must like reading stuff that I write about shidduchim. I’m entirely flattered. So I appreciate your support beforehand. 😉

Okay. Shameless plugging aside. Here’s the story:

Lots of people like reading about shidduchim online. Presumably, there are also lots of people who like reading about shidduchim offline. However, tis a sad fact, the writing about shidduchim found offline is far inferior in both quality and quantity. So, a few intrepid bloggers thought they might like to try to take some of the best of shidduch-related writing from online and publish it offline.

Only, there’s a problem. Namely: deciding what constitutes the very best of shidduch blogging on the web. Which is where you come in.

Dig around the archives of all your favorite bloggers and come up with your all-time favorite posts. Then hop over to this forum (you don’t need to register) and put up your nomination.



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