Friday Repost: Engagements

About the unofficial engagement.

About when people think you’re engaged but you’re not.

About when other people get engaged.

My struggle to react properly to an engagement.


24 thoughts on “Friday Repost: Engagements

  1. Tis true. Bad4 has had a change of heart and is reconsidering my proposal. Details to come on OnlySimchas…

  2. sorry that was really rude of me. I’m just so curious as to what the meaning of all this is and you’re staying so quiet. Sorry that was written without thinking.

  3. At first I was leaning towards NMF#7’s notion; a week vacation and sporadic posting over the past few weeks seems suspicious, but after this post (specifically link 2:when people think you’re engaged but you’re not) I am starting to think otherwise. I think this post was put up just for that link! (and maybe these comments too 🙂 )

    I still think “Romantic e-suitor” got unromantically e-rejected here. 😛

    Anyway, whatever it is, “Bad4” must be “up to no good!” 😀

    In case any of you still think Bad4 is the next blogger to get engaged, you can put your money where your mouth is (or points where your comments are…oh never mind the analogy) by voting here (Question 2)

  4. Bad4’s blog now gets almost as many hits as OS and is considered just as official an announcement!

  5. Everybody should learn from Bad4 the importance of communication and compromise for a successful relationship. When I realized that it was my last name which was holding her back from accepting my proposal, I offered to take hers, and the rest is history! Now we just have to figure out what to name the kinfauna…

  6. We can argue about that when the time comes, though. Some bridges you just wait to cross.

    And you all have a one-track mind. Why not consider that I just happened to collect a few posts on a single subject, and, being limited to things related to shidduchim, this one happened to come up?

  7. well if you wouldve returned to your normal blogging habits afterwards than you would be correct. instead you link a bunch of posts about engagements and totally disappear and to top it all off you tantalizingly hint to something in the comments section. something smells fishy and im pretty sure its not a new segula ive never heard of.

  8. Romantic e-suitor, shouldn’t you know that kinfauna is Bad4’s term for her nieces and nephews!? IE: Not one’s one children (and I’m suprised Bad4 didn’t catch that). So unless Bad4’s siblings and siblings-in-law are taking suggestions, I think we have a plot hole in your shenanigans 🙂

  9. Hold on: Bad4 has no name for her own children because she hasn’t got them yet. Why not kinfauna? –

  10. They would be called “children” of course. The reason we need the word kinfauna is because there’s no word for both nieces and nephews.

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