We All Love Engagements

No, not me you bunch of paranoid readers. Shades of Grey blogs on the subject of proposals: what’s the best proposal you’ve ever heard of? The worst? How would you like to be proposed to? (I’m somewhat partial to a moonlit guitar version of ‘Personal Penguin,’ if such a thing could be done. Can’t find any chords online. Also, there’s not much moonlight in NYC…)


12 thoughts on “We All Love Engagements

  1. “Also, there’s not much moonlight in NYC…”

    Is that why you’re trying to get us all to pick up and move? 😉

  2. Someone I know has been hinting for close to a week about an imminent engagement. So I don’t think the proposal will be a sudden romantic thing but more along the lines of, “Should we make it offical and call everyone?”

  3. How can us frummies have a romantic, surprising (“Oh, I am so surprised!”) proposal? Everyone (meaning family) knows WHEN your getting engaged! I find scenes very embarrassing. I would go for a more “So what sort of ring do you want, exactly?” as the best way. I’ve got very particular tastes, so if me and the ring (oh, yeah, and the guy) are going to be together for a while, I’d like to have the say.

  4. What’s wrong with someone actually asking “will you marry me?” instead of having a troupe of singers burble it or have it written all over a car in washable paint or on a poster or cake?

  5. The Apple – Nothing. Usually the guy is working off what the girl would want. Some want a twist, some want it romantic, some want it simple. On the other hand, the guy also wants to put some effort into it because he wants it to have meaning, too, so that often ramps it up a few notches.

  6. I wanted to do it on the big-screen at MSG. I was warned that I would get a no. So instead I took her to a game, the day b4 I proposed. She kept wondering when the big moment would come.

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