Where to Go: A Request

A dating location recommendation: the Tribeca Grand.

Yes,  I was there, and it’s pretty cool to look at, though the tables are uncomfortable. The reason I recommend it is because I really would like a full report on the men’s restroom.

See, I was there, and my date came back from his pit stop genuinely impressed. He said something about the sinks being ubercool. Later, on my way to my own nose-powdering, I asked a guy if the bathrooms were that way. “Yep!” he enthused. “Fountain, toilets, and all.”

Say what?

There was no fountain in the ladies’. It was very nicely done, don’t get me wrong. The three-way mirrors over the sinks were thoughtful, if pointless. Why put in the mirrors if you’re going to position them so that nobody can actually use them to see the back of their heads?

Also, the sinks were just sinks.

The unremarkableness of the sinks and lack of ‘fountain’ led me to wonder if the ‘john’ wasn’t nicer than the ‘jane.’ I would have peeked in to check, but social taboo kept me out. I wouldn’t want to keep my gentleman waiting.

So I encourage future gentleman callers to take their dates to the Tribeca Grand and let me know what it looks like down there.

Your date will understand when you explain.

“How would you like to go to the Grand? I’ve heard the bathrooms there are amazing.”


7 thoughts on “Where to Go: A Request

  1. I was underwhelmed by it. And yes, the restrooms were nice. But normally gents’ restrooms are so disgusting, that whenever there is a nice one, the contrasts catches one’s eye.

  2. If you want to go to cool hotel lobby (if you’re the hotel lobby dater-type) with unique bathroom decor, check out The Muse Hotel lobby on 46th st between 6th and 7th. The bathrooms are have themes like Greed. Envy, Passion etc…and are decorated as such.


  3. By sinks, he meant urinals. It appears he was too polite to say so. (The urinals look great, everything else is ok. I was gonna say the urinals look inviting, but some people might take that the wrong way. Heh.)

  4. Funny thing- I had the same experience at The Royalton. Guy takes me there and tells me I HAVE to check out the bathrooms… He comes out and tells me there was a fountain in there… to which I reply, ‘hey that isn’t fair… we didn’t have a fountain’. He smirked and said, trust me, you don’t want me to explain why we had a fountain and you didn’t…

    But truth is, I’ve always wondered what the gents bathrooms at the Royalton were like. So if anyone has been there or is going and cares to take some pics- feel free to let me know!

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