Shidduch Reading List: A Review and a Request

Upon the suggestion of a Single Person currently 3,000 miles away, I read The Blue Castle as potential shidduch reading list material. I wasn’t very hopeful, seeing as it’s written by L.M. Montgomery, but it wasn’t so bad. It was essentially an ‘old maid runs amok’ tale in the same vein as The Lost Girl, but it provides better justification for behavior and ends more satisfactorily.

Of course, that’s also part of the problem. The main character loses the habit of meekness overnight, and the end twists to tie everything up in a pink satin bow that screams ‘chic lit’. Still, it’s an entertaining read and there were some lines early on that seemed like mind reading. My only warning: keep out of the reach of teens. It might give them ideas.

That’s the review part. Now for the request:

There’s this new book about shidduch dating ‘Best of my Worst’ by a Goldy Krantz out there. I asked for an excerpt (I am very far from a Judaica store at the moment and don’t feel like spending money on a potential bomb) but was turned down for not being the right kind of site. (And here I thought I was so well behaved. Seriously. Tsupwithat? What’s wrong with me?) Naturally, I had to post a link just because. But I can’t recommend it, because I haven’t a clue what’s in it. So here’s the request: has anyone read it? Is it any good?


22 thoughts on “Shidduch Reading List: A Review and a Request

  1. Look’s to be disappointing- each story will be 5 pages of boring lead up involving what she wore and how long it took to do her makeup, followed by the boy picking his nose on the date or something of that nature, with one or two really good ones thrown in.

    But i haven’t read it, so who am i to judge.

  2. I laughed out loud! It makes you feel a little better that your own dates weren’t quite like that…

  3. The Blue Castle was my absolute favorite book as a teen! I think it’s L.M.Ms best one.

  4. RE the book — they are, obviously, clueless about marketing. An author whose book I happened to mention in a blog post contacted me a while ago and asked if he could send me a copy of his next book. I was happy to accept and quoted from the book in a blog post a few weeks ago. Professionals know that books can use all the buzz they can get.

  5. I second the L. M. Montgomery defense. Send that book right over- you know I’d love it. šŸ™‚

  6. Ariella Brown: Aahh haha thanks! Don’t know how I did that. That would seriously devastate Anne, oy vey!

  7. Oh god. I just skimmed the first chapter in Google Books. No matter how interesting or dishy her stories, it’s written really, really poorly. I could barley finish the chapter. I was bored stiff. Who would have thought that bad dating stories could be so uninteresting!

  8. Hey- anyone remember that song “mi ha’ish hechofetz chayim…”?
    I think it’s from Shloimy Dachs. Or is it Miami?

  9. lol funcuzzled, i was thinking of writing a review but then i realized that according to the chofetz chaim one would not be allowed to since one is not allowed to talk about another person for the good and especially for the bad. especially if your going to cause the person direct harm which ofcourse you will if you say something bad since many people will then not buy the book based on your review eventhough otherwise they may have bought it. and its not ltoelet because its bpharhesea.

  10. Read the available chapters on google books- i was wrong, no nose picking, but just lots of general rudeness. Crazy stories wow. (that was meant to be in sarcastic font)

  11. Blue Castle was my absolute favorite. Barney was such a sweet guy, much better than Gilbert, even, IMHO. I can’t believe you aren’t a fan. Yes, it’s chick lit, but it’s classic. I also like the village bride by kavita daswani as chick lit that might apply to shidduchim. I didn’t read her first one, but I bet it’s also a winner.
    But the other one, I read the chapter online and I won’t be seeking out the rest of the book. If you’re in the Portland area, you should check out Powells downtown. a full city block of books. I never used to go in there without at least 3 hours, water and a snack. My DH and I even had a date there once, after we were engaged and he came to visit. Love and miss Powell’s!

  12. read the book, found it fascinating!! One of the stories even sounded familiar, a single friend told me something similar had happened to her. My 2 kids in shidduchim read the book too. now my younger ones, teens want to read it. the book engendered A LOT of discussion here. Very positive discussions. At least now my kids have perspective, they know that they have not been set up with anything remotely resembling anything as bad as what is in the book, so as a mom of 2 in shidduchim, I have scored some points by bringing this book home. Thanks Goldy!

  13. I read The Best of My Worst and laughed out loud at most of it. I was able to relate to it! It’s just an average girl talking about her bad dates. Who is anyone to hate on her, especially if they did not read the book!!! My friends liked it as well. someone should have written this type of book a loooong time ago. i am tired of reading advice books, this tells the world what is happening and why there is a shidduch crisis. i loved it!! Rock on Goldy!!!

  14. My husband brought home The Best of My Worst, thinking that it would be a gag gift for me– but I really liked it. The author is right on target with what she said. I love the way she weaves anecdotes into her stories. I passed the book onto my husband who laughed that guys tried to get away with what they did to this girl on dates. It ended up being a great gift that I passed onto a friend.

  15. I rolled my eyes when my mother gave me a copy of The Best of My Worst. I am 33 and single and don’t want to be preached to and I don’t want to bake cookies and have fun exchanging dating stories. I am doing my best to get married and people think I haven’t tried this, that or the other thing that they are suggesting, but I have and am doing all I can to get married. Anyway, I started the book–surprise surprise, I liked it. Some of the stories were hilarious and some of them were boring, but all in all, it was a good book. I started and finished it in about 2 hours. A cute little book.

  16. I read The Best of My Worst. Verdict: It was a cute book that I didn’t invest so much money in, about $15 and a fast read.

  17. Goldy Krantz wrote an article that was published in the 5 Towns Jewish Times right before yontif. She explained why she wrote the book. It sounds like her heart is in the right place. I have the book and read it (before Succos). I liked it. As a single frum woman, who is dating, I can relate. I can believe that her stories are true because I have had similar expiriences— except for her Chapter 3 story. Anyway, for all of you out there who are single or who want a good laugh— read it. For all of you nay sayers out there, all I can say is that Goldy isn’t sitting at home complaining about shidduchim and dating- SHE IS TRYING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! And if she is making some money along the way–good for her!!!I agree, that she isn’t the best writer, but if I wanted a best seller I would read John Grisham.

  18. I attended the OU event where Goldy Krantz spoke abouther book. I remember i read about her and her book on this website a while back. Goldy is real funny. The audience was laughing a lot. she said right off that she is not giving any advice, she just wants people to refelect on their dates and laugh instead of cry.. she speaks of her own expiriences and doesn’t make any qualms is someone disagreed with her, ” you have your opnion, i can only write what I know.” I bought a book and look forward to reading it.

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