Grapevine Happiness

Sometimes, I’m surrounded by people who are too old and too single.

My cutoff for “old” is 30. When I meet women of that age who aren’t married and they’re obviously wonderful people, I feel a drop sad.

Truth is, most of the single people in that age bracket that I know of fit the “wonderful” category. I don’t know why. Maybe older people just have more time to work on themselves, mellowing out like whiskey in a barrel. “Single, 28 years, gently aged in a Washington Heights cinderblock box.” Why don’t connoisseurs plunk down fat stacks for these vintage finds? Beats me.

But I’m only a spectator. I don’t really know what’s going on. Which is why it always pleases me to find out that one (or two or three, in this case) of these women are pretty far along in a surreptitious relationship. On the surface I smile and say “That’s nice” but underneath I feel like clapping my hands and paraphrasing a certain Captain Sparrow, “A couple! I love couples!”

Well I do! Don’t you? Especially new couples. Their shining eyes are a pleasure to behold. But any old couple will do, as long as they’re looking out for each other, saying nice things about each other in an offhand way, and just getting along marvelously. It’s really a kind of magic, I think.

I love couples. Don’t you? So keep pairing up. I can’t wait to hear about it.


13 thoughts on “Grapevine Happiness

  1. Who are you, and what have you done with Bad4? Did Good4 hijack your blog?

    In all seriousness, I find older couples to be more “aaaaawwwww” worthy, as they may have dated for longer, held out for what they prioritized, know the other individual better, and so when they do the “Shmoopie” look, it’s with more clarity then maybe two young engaged kids who possibly don’t even know what they are about. I don’t mean to bash “young” love, but us spinsters have our own joys.

    Cap’n Sparrow said that? In which travesty of the triology?

  2. I agree with princess lea – i find couples that have been together longer more awww-worthy than 2 kids just paired up.

  3. He said “A wedding! I love weddings!” I paraphrased. I like couples of all ages, older included. But I particularly like new couples who are the same age as middle-aged old couples. Did that make sense?

  4. agreed. the 20-year-old-just-engaged are the ones i worry about. though, if they’re so young, they have no clue about the alternative. conversely, they run the risk of getting sick of playing grownup if they weren’t really ready. in most cases, i only hope real life treats them as well as engaged life. actually, i think that about many couples close to my own age also, and there are a few very young couples about whom i never thought that for a second. similarly, some people improve with age, and some sour.

  5. Agreed. Couples are great! You can often tell who recently coupled up as well. Though there are the times when you see an older couple that looks like they have recently met but in fact have been married for many years (that makes me smile even more!)

  6. What you consider “older” is relative. The youngest ones of my peer group to marry already have married daughter and may be grandmothers by now. It was never a particular aspiration of mine to be a grandmother by 40, but perhaps it is for some. Then there are those becoming first-time mothers at around 40. But I also have a friend who only married in her late 30s. She just had her third child recently, and her oldest is only 3. So for all those guys who turn away females overs 30 on the basis of not being able to have children, that is not necessarily so.

  7. Most men turn away women in their late 30s precisely out of fear they will have three kids in three years like your friend. That is simply not a desirable scenario financially or romantically for 99.99% of all men. Time to stop sugar coating this for the women, but actuarially the window is basically closed at that point. A man does not want to pay a major mortgage at age 70 because a woman in her late 30s “needs children to be whole in our society”. End the Madness.

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